DSO Supports Youth Success Program

The fourth annual Eagle University kicked off on June 27, 2016 at U of L in Louisville, Kentucky. Eagle U is a week-long event where about 200 students stay on campus and learn from world-renowned speakers about life experiences and how to set themselves apart from their peers. At the end of the week the students met with and interviewed successful community members in order to learn from their success. The Mortenson Charitable Foundation sponsored this event.

The philosophy of Eagle U is that to be extraordinary, you don’t do ordinary things that ordinary people do.  The eagle has always symbolized independence, strength and focused direction. Students will have the opportunity to be all of these things as they follow the systems taught.

During the Eagle U program, high school and college students built self-confidence, motivation, and direction. Participants found mentors who gave them inspiration, wisdom, and new ways to develop a direction in life and be successful. Participants also learned life lessons at the hands of those who have actually proven, by their performance, the success of the principles that they teach. Participants defined their goals and discovered the tools to reach them.

Mortenson Family Dental donates to Eagle U so that their team members’ children and patients can experience the program at a significantly reduced rate.  “It is critical to success to think and to plan ahead,” says Jacque Ramsey, Mortenson Family Dental’s marketing director, “It is also critical to our company culture that we provide opportunities such as Eagle U to our team members’ children and our patients. Eagle U has been an extraordinary experience for the students that have been able to attend over the last three years. We are proud to partner with Eagle U and to support it so that others in the community can benefit from it too.”


Source: Mortenson Family Dental