DSOs from an Academic Perspective

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) President and CEO Dr. Rick Valachovic looks at DSOs and their impact on recent dental school graduates in his article: From Bungalow to Big Box? How DSOs Could Change the Face of Dentistry.

He addresses the parallel shift that has occurred in the medical field. As of 2012, only 18% of physicians were in solo practices, down six percentage points over the previous five years. Dr. Valachovi also examines the pros and cons of working for a DSO, including speed to practice, independence, office management requirements, and quotas.

Believing the time has come for dental schools to address the DSO model, he states, “our Association and our member schools have remained largely silent on the issue, but it’s time we educated ourselves on this growing sector of our profession.”   Click here to read his fascinating article in full.