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New Hygiene Products for 2021

Recovering from the pandemic continues to be a focus for practices in the United States. Getting back to a normal patient schedule has been paramount as the recovery continues. Pervasive availability of the Coronavirus vaccine will help accelerate the path to full patient schedules for practices by giving patients the confidence they need to return to scheduled treatment. The focus to fully recover has been on hygiene cleanings and exams as more and more patients return to their dental and oral hygiene schedules. Practices must also ensure that they are addressing all their patients’ needs and do not overlook treatments needed beyond cleaning and exams.

Add Innovative Products That Address Patient Concerns

One in eight patients suffer from overly sensitive teeth. According to an article conducting a survey of dental offices, sensitive teeth are most common in young adults, women, patients who struggle with gum disease, and patients who employ at-home teeth whitening solutions. Sensitivity in teeth occurs when the cementum wears away and exposes the dentinal tubules, which opens up the opportunity for liquids to come in contact with nerves inside and around the tooth.1

“Teeth sensitivity is universal, but some people and cultures could be more at risk depending on their diet, if it is very acidic, and if they drink a lot of wine or alcohol.” – Dr. Richard Trushkowsky, Associate Director of International Aesthetic Dentistry at New York University.1

New Technology to Treat Sensitivity

New patent-pending microsphere technology (CAPOSAL®), available now in the United States, delivers Calcium Magnesium Phosphate in a unique way that provides more relief from tooth sensitivity. Zen CP+™ is a desensitizing gel formulated to alleviate discomfort from dentin hypersensitivity by actively mineralizing and occluding the dentin surface and deep inside the dentin tubules.2

Zen CP+ provides unique properties and advantages that will enhance a patient’s experience in oral health treatment. Formulated with this new and innovative microsphere technology (CAPOSAL®), Zen CP+ features small particles consisting of amorphous calcium magnesium phosphate that penetrate the dentin tubules and rapidly release calcium and phosphate ions for intra-tubular mineralization of a carbonate substituted hydroxyapatite (HA).3,4  Zen CP+ also contains Potassium Nitrate which is known to increase the protection against sensitivity of the teeth by nerve depolarization. Zen CP+ does not contain any milk-derived proteins so it is safe for patients with milk-based allergies to use. This is a significant advantage considering milk allergies are common. Like peanut allergies, milk allergies can be severe and can also lead to death.

 Zen CP+ offers fast and complete occlusion of the dentin tubules due to the new microsphere technology. Upon reacting to saliva, the Calcium Magnesium Phosphate is released uniformly across the teeth and penetrates deep into the dental tubules.3,4  The particles released by Zen CP+ adhere well to dentin surfaces and feature a tailored degradation rate to increase pH and promote effective formation of hydroxyapatite.5 Minerals formed deep into tubules are unaffected by wear and acid attacks.6

Designed for daily use, Zen CP+ is available in 45-gram tubes and is simply brushed on to the teeth as part of one’s daily oral care regimen. Zen CP+ also provides an ideal cleaning and polishing paste for prophylaxis treatments and is an effective tooth desensitizer after SRP. It provides sensitivity management for tooth whitening post-care, as well.

Conclusion: More Effective, Safe, and Costs Less

For DSO practices, products that change the game and offer an attractive price point are a must to place on formulary. Zen CP+ provides all three – outstanding efficacy, no milk-derived proteins, and generally a lower cost solution. DSO practices can continue full recovery as more and more patients schedule delayed treatment and seek care for comprehensive oral health including tooth sensitivity.

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