Elevate Your DSO with Innovative and Comprehensive 3D Printing Technology

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As dentistry embarks on a digital transformation, it guides in an era of precision, repeatability, and accuracy in workflow processes. Forward-looking practices worldwide are embracing cutting-edge technology to elevate patient care. The convergence of 3D scanning and printing empowers practices, granting control over traditional manufacturing methods. DMG introduces an all-encompassing 3D digital printing solution featuring the 3Demax DLP (Digital Light Processing) printer, accompanied by the 3Dewash and 3Decure units, seamlessly integrated with LuxaPrint resins. This comprehensive solution is paired with cloud-based DentaMile connect CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, delivering a seamless, validated workflow production experience.

DMG DentaMile 3D Printing Solution

Guided steps are at the core of this solution. You can start printing with everything you need at your fingertips, including design software, the printer, resins, and post-processing with wash and cure units. Notably, the significance of washing and curing in post-processing is on par with the printing process. With 3Dewash and 3Decure, pre-programmed settings are available, allowing you to “set it” and forget “it.” The versatility of 3D printing is highlighted by the many dental applications possibilities in printing. To supplement the details, you can also reference the guided steps in this video:

Market Data:

According to a report by SmarTech Analysis, the US 3D printing dental market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.2% from 2020 to 2025. The average new patient is worth twice the value of an existing patient. It’s a must to bring them into your practice – even in the best of times. The average solo dentist requires 24–50 new patients per month to achieve consistent growth.

A 2021 study by LMT shows that 63% of dental laboratories already utilize 3D printing, opening new opportunities for dental practices. Dentists may be more likely to invest in technology like dental 3D printing to reduce the time taken to deliver dental appliances and treatment, and patients appreciate it for the same reasons – Rapidity, accuracy, and less labor-intensive processes are just some of the reasons to invest.

DMG LuxaPrint Resins


The Benefits of 3D Printing:

By embracing the transformative era of 3D printing for dental practices, you unveil the potential for cost efficiencies, elevated patient care, and the opportunity for same-day dentistry and services. The DMG 3D printing solution harmonizes the entire process, from appliance design to printing and post-processing. The DMG DentaMile 3D printing solution serves an essential role where dental art, science, and business align seamlessly. This synergy cultivates success and enhances patient satisfaction while granting the practice full control through an in-house 3D printing system.

The 3Demax, distinguished by its patented “Force Feedback” technology, accelerates printing by up to 50%. The integrated, validated solution seamlessly incorporates advanced RFID technology, ensuring reliable automatic material identification and eliminating potential misapplications. Dr. Luke Shapiro emphasizes the time and cost savings achieved through 3D printing, highlighting the reduction in shipping delays and the enhanced efficiency of the process in this video:

Solution Walk-Through:

The traditional process of appliance fabrication is slow, labor-intensive, not easily repeatable, and not patient friendly. For example, the traditional method of creating a bleaching tray starts by taking an impression. Many practices send the impression to a lab to create the appliance or use the impression to create an appliance in-house. First, they pour stone into the impression, clean up the model and use those models in a thermoforming machine to create the appliance. This workflow has a few pain points. Patients often express discomfort with taking impressions. The process requires multiple steps and demands a significant amount of time to produce a single bleaching tray.  Alternatively, sending the case to a lab can take time for the device to be created, and the dentist has no control over the process. Physical impressions can get lost, damaged, degraded with use, and take up space.

3D printing offers a fast, accurate process that results in more affordable appliances. Dr. Raffi Leblebijian shares how investing in a 3D printer has optimized his practice. “Investing in a 3D printer is one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made for my practice. The time savings, predictable outcomes, and impact on patient satisfaction have increased my monthly profitability by an average of 14.7%!” Read the full Practice Perspective here.

With a digital workflow, the dentist uses an intraoral scanner to get a scan of the patient’s mouth. That scan is used in design software like DMG’s DentaMile connect to create the appliance, such as a bleaching tray. DentaMile connect can send print files directly to the 3Demax printer, making it much easier to use and skipping the step of nesting and slicing common in 3D printing. After printing on the 3Demax DLP printer, the appliance is cleaned with alcohol in the wash device, such as the 3Dewash unit, and then cured with UV light with the 3Decure. Once polished, the appliance can be delivered to the patient. All in all, the entire process can be completed in just over an hour. Patience experience is improved because impression materials are unnecessary in a digital workflow. Since all the files are digital, storage is much easier. If an appliance gets lost or damaged, it is easy to simply re-print the appliance.

DMG DentaMile Bleaching Tray Workflow

The DentaMile workflow is an integrated digital approach for the practice that allows software, hardware, and materials to interconnect perfectly.


DMG is invested in your success. You are not just a customer. You are a valued partner. As a trusted dental partner for 60 years, DMG’s team of digital technical experts is here to guide you every step of the way, from installation and training to on-demand support. Their goal is to set you up for success and ensure that your team is confident and ready to optimize your workflow and production!


Incorporating in-house 3D printing into dental practices offers unparalleled benefits, from reducing lab costs to greater control over the workflow and improved patient experiences. DMG’s comprehensive 3D printing solution, comprising the DentaMile connect CAD software, the 3Demax DLP printer, 3Dewash, 3Decure units, and LuxaPrint resins, orchestrates an integrated workflow that streamlines every facet of the process. Guided steps empower practitioners to harness the potential of technology, revolutionizing appliance design, production, and post-processing.

As 3D printing unfolds, it heightens cost-efficiency and same-day dentistry and enhances patient well-being. By adopting this revolutionary approach, dentists elevate their practice’s potential and stand out as innovators at the forefront of dental care.

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