New OMS DSO Officially Launches at AAOMS

Photo courtesy of Riverside Oral Surgery

Dr. Jason Auerbach, Founder of Riverside Oral Surgery, along with Jeff Ward, Founding Partner of MedEquity Capital, and their leadership team, formally announced the unveiling of MAX Surgical Specialty Management (MAX-SSM), a surgeon-led oral and maxillofacial surgical specialty (OMS) platform.

The group revealed their launch announcement at The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) meeting last week in San Diego. The professional organization represents more than 9,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the United States.

“This event, in San Diego, represents an incredible full circle moment for MAX Surgical Specialty Management and for me, personally. It was at this exact meeting in 2006 that Riverside Oral Surgery was conceived, and to be able to reveal the vision and mission for MAX in the same city 17 years later feels like a dream come true,” shares Dr. Auerbach.

Dr. Auerbach, also known as @bloodytoothguy (186K) on social media, founded Riverside Oral Surgery in 2007. He grew it to 10 locations with 15 surgeons, the largest oral surgery practice in New Jersey. Procedures performed include wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants and bone grafting.

Dr. Auerbach (Co-founder and President) and Jeff Ward (Chairman of the Board) will assume shared roles as Chief Executive Officer of the OMS DSO. Dr. Auerbach will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer for Clinical Services, Business Development and Marketing. Dr. Auerbach will continue to practice as an oral surgeon. Jeff Ward will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, Operations & Business Services. Jeff will oversee Operations, Finance & Accounting, and Human Resources.

Based in Hackensack, New Jersey, the MAX partnership creates an expanded network of 16 New Jersey locations under three brands, 25 surgeons, and a comprehensive portfolio of services. The OMS group wants to expand in the eastern U.S.

MAX-SSM Timeline:

2007 – Riverside Oral Surgery is established by Dr. Jason M. Auerbach

2013 – Dr. Sung Hee Cho joins Riverside Oral Surgery

2017 – Riverside Oral Surgery becomes the official oral surgeons of the New Jersey Devils

2021 – Riverside Oral Surgery has expanded to 10 locations serving Northern and Central New Jersey

2022 – Partnership with MedEquity and RF Partners leads to formation of MAX Surgical Specialty Management

January 2023Oral Surgery Group joins Riverside Oral Surgery as founding practice partners of MAX

April 2023Coastal Oral Surgery (established 1983) joins MAX as a platform partner expanding scope to 25 surgeons serving 16 New Jersey locations

May 2023 – Clinical Advisory Board is established and the Pathway to Partnership is formed.

June 2023 – MAX has established its complete senior management team (see below.)

September 2023 – Riverside Oral Surgery and Bloody Tooth Guy reveal MAX at their 3rd Annual 2023 AAOMS Annual Meeting Kickoff Party

MAX-SSM Senior Management Team:

Jason M. Auerbach, DDS, Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sung Hee Cho, DDS, MD, Co-Founding Partner & Medical Director

Paul Olson, Chief Financial Officer

Richard K. Stern, DDS, Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Board

John P. Soliman, DMD, MD, Partner & Clinical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Michael Stern, DMD, Partner & Clinical Advisory Board Member

Michael A. Kleiman, DMD, Emeritus Surgeon, Compliance Committee

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