“The marketplace is changing now and there are a lot of dentists selling their offices and there are a lot of staff out there looking for employment, so the KPIs line up perfectly with our vision. You really need to have a handle on the dental market and figure out exactly what’s going on, and capitalize on the trends.” -Dr. James Wiener, founder, Primadent

In fact, through this pandemic which has kept all his locations closed, Wiener has been working at a feverish pace full time to onboard new locations and staff, especially dentists.

Growing up middle class and always having a job in his youth, Wiener hustled to make a buck.  He graduated in 1984 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Now, his strong work ethic and cultural values are the big drivers for his dental group. Wiener currently performs all business/administrative functions for the emerging dental group as well as clinical dentistry in the Audubon office.

“We have built a very strong culture within our company with patients and staff, which accounts for a lot of our success. Culture and revenues go hand in hand. And success comes with hard work and perseverance, and by being honest and taking care of your people.” -Dr. James Wiener, founder, Primadent

With offices currently only in the southern part of the State, Primadent has internal marketing programs, including their own in house dental discount plan, Share A Smile Cards and Primadent Gift Cards for VIP patients. They also have denture labs on the premises.

This emerging dental group sees wonderful things ahead in the near future as the country emerges from the Covid-19 experience, claiming they are poised for fast growth and success. We look forward to watching them grow into a mid-market DSO.

Source: Primadent, PRWeb

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