Endo1 Partners Magnifies its Position in the Endodontic Sector

Founding Partner and Co-CEO Matthew Haddad, DMD, treating a patient at Gulf Coast Endodontics.

Endo1 Partners (Endo1), the first-ever endodontic partnership organization (EPO), just wrapped up its most successful fiscal year, announcing rapid growth across multiple markets in the U.S.

The EPO, which began in 2019 with six locations, was featured on Group Dentistry Now’s Emerging Groups to Watch list in 2020. Founded by Matthew Haddad, DMD, Daryl Dudum, DDS, Mark Haddad, DDS, Darron Rishwain, DDS, this private equity-backed DSO is majority owned and run by the four founding endodontists.

Now, the organization has expanded into six new states in 2020, adding Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Virginia to its roster, while  strengthening its position in existing markets. In total, Endo1 has formed new partnerships with 31 distinguished endodontic practices and added 53 new endodontists to the platform.

Endo1’s endodontist owners retain a considerable amount of equity of their practice and owners remain in control of their practice’s personal brand, culture, team, and most importantly, have complete clinical autonomy.

“We are delighted to have earned the trust of our existing and new partner groups – especially during a pandemic year that has challenged so many aspects of the broader dental industry and business operations. At Endo1, we offer a true partnership for endodontists of all ages and create the perfect opportunity to continue to manage your practice the way you want while receiving the many benefits of a group platform.” – Dr. Daryl Dudum, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Endo1 Partners

In the short time Endo1 has been operating, they have had tremendous interest and activity in potential partners. Thus, their challenge is properly navigating the pipeline and integrating the partners that best fit their vision and core values.

“We are committed to providing best-in-class administrative services to our partner groups so that they can focus on what matters most, the delivery of high quality endodontic care to every patient at every visit. Our greatest strength as an endodontist-run organization is that we have a fundamental understanding of patient care at the practice level. We have built a culture that endodontists are proud to be a part of.” – Dr. Matthew Haddad, Co-Founder & Co-CEO Endo1 Partners

Looking ahead to 2021, Endo1 expects to continue its growth trajectory and has agreed to multiple new partnerships with independent endodontic practices in its existing and new markets. These partnerships are expected to close in the near future.

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