Exclusive Interview with the ADSO’s New Executive Director, Christopher Badgley

Chris Badgley

The Association of Dental Support Organization’s new executive director, Christopher Badgley, took the helm in August. He has extensive state government affairs expertise and experience leading teams through rocky political landscapes.

Now, he brings his leadership skills, vision, strategic thinking, and ‘get the job done’ attitude to the ADSO, where he will work to ensure a favorable legislative and regulatory environment for DSOs, while also supporting members who enable supported dentists to focus on their patients and expand access for dental care, maintaining the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

Let’s learn more about him:

GDN: Tell us about your previous work experience.
CB: I worked in the insurance industry early in my management career, before moving to the pharmaceutical industry, holding various sales and marketing positions. I fell into government affairs by chance, but really found my calling and I love the political world.

I led a corporate government affairs department for several years before being recruited by a long-time mentor to come to work for him in the industry’s trade association (PhRMA). It was here where I first led a state government affairs operation, then worked on the pharmaceutical industry’s campaign to support passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as ObamaCare.

I loved my time at PhRMA, but after the passage of that legislation I wanted to do something other than just pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, so I advocated for the tech community for a short time. Ultimately, healthcare called me back and I went to work for a friend who contacted me and asked for help in building out his employer’s government affairs function. However, I really wanted to lead a small association that was foundationally an advocacy organization, which led me to ADSO.

GDN: Why did you decide to become the executive director of ADSO?
CB: As previously stated, I really wanted to lead a small trade association, but thought that opportunity had passed me by. When I was approached about the executive director opening at ADSO, I jumped at the chance. For me it is the perfect blend of organizational leadership, and advocacy; exactly the type of position I was hoping to find. Also, ADSO represents a very dynamic segment of dental practice. The growth potential is excellent.

GDN: What are your initial observations of the dental industry and dental support organizations?
CB: The dental industry, like the medical profession in the early 2000s, is undergoing profound practice change and consolidation. Dental support organizations are at the forefront of this evolution and have a lot to offer. I believe all dental practitioners want to deliver the highest quality patient outcomes at an affordable price in readily accessible locations. DSOs are committed to this seeing this accomplished.

GDN: What can we expect from the ADSO in the future.
CB: I want to ensure our advocacy on behalf of the industry is unparalleled. That is currently a core of our value proposition. We want to provide an environment where our members can thrive and deliver the highest possible patient care at an affordable price and in an accessible location.

Additionally, ADSO will continue to be a resource and provider of training and information important to our members, such as compliance, which is constantly changing in our highly regulated space. I also want to grow our membership. There are currently over 1100 DSOs, in the United States, and our current membership is 56, so we have a lot of work to do.

GDN: Tell us what you have planned for the ADSO Summit meeting?
CB: We have a dynamic program planned, covering everything from “developing a C-suite leadership team,” to recruitment and retention of clinicians, to growth and development, and operations. We are also developing sessions on compliance, marketing, advocacy, emerging technology, and future trends in the industry. All things considered, I’d say this is the DSO conference to attend in 2019.

GDN: Tell us about your background. Where are you from, tell us about your family, college, hobbies.
CB: I was born and raised in suburban northern New Jersey with my parents and two older sisters, spending summers on the Jersey Shore at my grandparents’ house, which I loved. In college I majored in, of all things, “wildlife management,” so I needed leave New Jersey and go somewhere more “wild.” I ended up attending the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, which is located in the center of the state on the Wisconsin River.

After college I moved to the Twin Cities for my first job and subsequently moved around the country (Los Angeles, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Philadelphia), before finally settling in northern Virginia. I have a beautiful and lovely wife of 34 years, Barbara, two children, Brendon and Clare, and one grandchild, Ollie.  I love my work, but for relaxing I play electric guitar and golf. I also enjoy cooking (mainly Italian or French cuisine) and cycling. I appreciate fine wines and have a wine cellar with approximately 1200 bottles.

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