Facilitating Growth Through Recall

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Recall Reality – What’s in the way of our Success?

When it comes to recall, let’s be honest…practices just don’t like working it. And who could blame them? It’s hard, it’s time consuming, there’s not always coordination or direction on how to do it, practices lack good tools to make it easier, the list goes on and on.

And from a DSO standpoint, many executive teams lack systemization, centralization and visibility when it comes to recall tools, making it hard to manage recall effectively across their practices. Unfortunately, this causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue opportunities that get missed.

Numbers Don’t Lie – Revenue Opportunities.

When it comes to revenue opportunities in DSO practices, recall is THE greatest opportunity for growth that can be tackled right now. In fact, on average in any given practice:

  • 60% of patients are unscheduled
  • 45% of patients are due or late
  • 15% either cancel or miss their appointments.

Those are opportunities already in your practice just sitting there for the picking. And we’ll throw this at you too…when it comes to practice revenues, new patients only account for about 9% of that. The other 81% comes from your existing patient base. So that leads us to ask the question…if you aren’t focused on recall, what are you focusing on?

Current Approach – Competitive Landscape.

One of the biggest reasons that so much opportunity gets missed within practices is because of the way the dental industry has been conditioned to doing recall. There are many systems that proclaim that automating your recall processes will solve your problems. They couldn’t be more wrong.

While automating your patient communication is definitely helpful, it shouldn’t be the complete answer. From a study of 30 million automated messages being sent out we found the following:

  • 74% of patients answer an automated appointment confirmation message
  • Only 9% of patients answer an automated recall message

What is happening to the other 91% of patients not answering those automated recall messages? Those opportunities are being missed, leaving significant revenue growth on the table.

When it comes to growth, there is no “set it and forget it”. The automated recall messaging needs to compliment the practices internal recall outreach efforts.

Why do Recall with RecallMax.

Going back to what was discussed at the beginning, practices don’t always do recall because frankly, it sucks. Or at least the current way it’s being done does. But recall shouldn’t suck. And honestly, we make it suck a whole lot less. For over 25 years we have been focused on the central growth driver for any practice – your existing patients. And while acquisitions need to happen for you to grow your network, recall needs to be the focus of those acquisitions. You don’t need to trade acquisition for growth, you can do both!

We aren’t another messaging platform. RecallMax was built by dental professionals, for the dental industry. We combine the best pieces of automation in patient engagement and recall management and bring an unconventional focus to the key drivers of appointment growth including: Cancellation recovery, hygiene optimization and unscheduled treatment.

One DSO recently put us in 65 of their locations while leaving us out of 35. Here were their results:

  • 65 locations w/RecallMax – 35% YOY growth
  • 35 locations w/out RecallMax – 8% YOY growth

We are a shift in thought on how practices are growing organically because recall creates 3X more appointments than automation, new patient and online booking combined. Are you ready to shift yours?

To get a demo of how our protocols and processes can
help your group capitalize on missed revenue opportunity,
email dso.experts@recallmax.com or book your
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