GDN’s newest feature: centralized DSO events calendar

The dental industry has spoken and we have listened!  2017 has showed a significant increase in DSO and emerging group events over previous years, in fact, by the end of this year there will have been over a dozen emerging dental group and dental support organization events.  As your only online resource for DSO news and education, Group Dentistry Now has added a new feature to make it easier for you to find events and stay organized.  This new feature is a centralized online calendar of DSO events, webinars, and meetings.  The centralized calendar enhances the site’s functionality and performance with clean visual design. Users will have quick visual access to event information which will provide a full understanding of the event and the benefits obtained by attending.  But most of all, this calendar creates a new way for users to stay connected to the DSO world with organized events which are now easily searchable under the ‘EVENTS’ tab in ‘monthly calendar’, ‘event list’, or ‘event details’ views (see picture below.)  If you want to promote your forthcoming event, please contact us at