Should You Form A DSO?

Note:  If you can’t make the live webinar you can still sign up and receive the recording of the webinar.

Why attend?

The dental industry is consolidating rapidly, with more and more dental groups forming every month. What used to be a landscape of single location practices is shifting to one of multi-location groups of all shapes and sizes. Many emerging groups and forward-looking practices are asking: should we form a DSO of our own? But the pros and cons aren’t always clear.

Planet DDS has partnered with legal expert Bart Walker to host a special webinar and help dental entrepreneurs answer the burning question of the moment. Click HERE to register.

What will be covered?

  • Basic DSO structures
  • Reasons to form a DSO
  • Reasons not to form a DSO
  • Observations on today’s DSO universe

Who will benefit?

  • Solo practice owners/managers/operators who are thinking of banding together with peers to form a DSO.
  • Emerging group owners/managers/operators who haven’t made the leap to formal DSO formation yet
  • Anyone—regardless of role or practice size—who wants to learn more about what the big deal is about these DSOs everyone keeps talking about
  • Curious souls who enjoy learning more about their dental industry

Join Planet DDS Thursday, November 30th at 10am PST / 1pm EST for this free learning opportunity.

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