Group Practice Owners: You’re Invited to Hear 7 of the Top Groups/DSOs Give You Insights, Lessons Learned, and Advice on the 2 Hottest Topics of 2019

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If you’ve had questions like:

“How do I hire, retain, and compensate associates so they’ll be motivated and stick around?”

“How do I grow without reinventing the wheel and making easily avoided pitfalls?”

And if you want advice and solutions for issues like these, and to connect with like-minded peers, you’re invited to this year’s DEO Summer Summit to hear the best of the best go deep on both topics.

You’ll walk away with action items and insights you can begin to put into practice immediately.

Register by June 21 using coupon GDN1 
for $100 off the current ticket price!

Quick details:

What: The 2019 DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry

When: June 27-29, 2019

Where: Phoenix, AZ at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge

Now offering Continuing Education (CE) credits!

Tickets are 81% sold out as of May 29! Registration closes on June 21st — get your tickets today.

Day 1 Panel: Lessons Learned Growing
from 1 to 5 to 10 Locations — and Beyond

Hosted by Dr. Dave Janash, the panel  will address the most common issues and decisions growing groups face, including:

  • Pitfalls to avoid when growing a group
  • The biggest challenges with the first few locations
  • Current obstacles and future hurdles when growing a dental group
  • And a lot more…

Don’t miss listening in on the real-life experience of 3 dentists who are on the field, facing the daily challenges of growing themselves, their teams, and their businesses.

Day 2 Panel: The ADSO on Associate-Ownership Models —  
Is the Employee-Dentist Model Dead?

There is a giant current brewing in group dentistry. Nearly every multi-location group is asking: How do we attract and retain the best associate talent? Is it essential, if not mandatory, to offer associate ownership?

Do you know if your associate ownership structure is increasing or decreasing your retention?

The wrong (or lack of) ownership structure — especially at the wrong time — can cause great associates to leave. Not to mention it might be a hidden sinkhole for your time and energy.

We invite you to discover how some of the best groups in the US are creating associate ownership and to hear their advice on how you can set up an ownership plan that boosts associate retention and motivation.

 You’ll hear from 3 different DSOs and learn:

  • Their approaches to researching and creating associate ownership plans
  • Their successes and failures
  • Best practices they’ve learned from experience
  • Tips and advice for group-practice owners who are exploring their options or rolling out similar models

See more speakers, presentation topics, and the agenda here.

Venue: JW Marriott in Phoenix, AZ

Learn more and register today with coupon GDN1 before June 21 to save $100!

If you want to prepare your patients and practice for the future and grow without having to repeat the mistakes of others, I’d love to have you join us.

To your success!
 Jacob Puhl and The DEO Team

“I always come to the Summit. We’ve grown from one to 25 practices in three years. The information you learn really sets you on the right path.” –Ty Shoemaker, CDO, Smiles Dental (and DEO Faculty Member)

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