Growth Acceleration Program – A 90 Day Discovery into the Power of Recall

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RecallMax Network Analysis
We take a look under the hood pre-acquisition or throughout the process and provide a snapshot of legitimate opportunity within existing active patient base. The average practice has 50-60% of all active patients due and late – this represents a growth opportunity of $125,000 per practitioner. PMS data is unfocused and full of holes. Our software uses a unique algorithm to capture active patients who have fallen through the cracks.

Implementation of Max
During our complimentary 90 day discovery period, our DSO implementation team will ensure a successful integration and launch of RecallMax. You don’t need to worry about taxing your operations team with another project. We do all the heavy lifting, including providing your management team with the appropriate coaching to ensure that RecallMax and its tools are being leveraged by your teams.

Standardization of Max Across the Platform
Leveraging our enterprise dashboard, our team of experts will provide insights, post implementation, on adoption of our protocols and process across your group. We will provide guidance on usage of RecallMax and a strategy to address weak performers. The intent here is to create a recall playbook, ensuring that recall becomes a cornerstone of organic growth for your practices.

Why Focus on Recall?
Simply put – we have always been strong in the recall game, the best in-fact, and now the industry focus is changing – new patient acquisition has had its time and its now back to basics. For 25+ years our group has been laser focused on the central growth driver for any practice: your existing patients. Across the industry 50% of patients are due and late for their recall which represents 8 Billion dollars of lost revenue.

While acquisition needs to happen for you to grow your network, recall needs to be the focus of those acquisitions – don’t trade acquisition for growth – DO BOTH! While your long term strategy involves creating a broad network of practices, our long term strategy is to ensure that we protect that investment.

Don’t think of us as just another messaging platform – because we aren’t. RecallMax was built by dental professionals, for the dental industry. We combine the best pieces of automation in patient engagement and recall management and bring an unconventional focus to the key drivers of appointment growth which include: Cancellation Recovery, Hygiene Optimization, and Unscheduled Treatment.

Our commitment is to ensure that RecallMax serves as playbook for growth in your practices. We are not a set it and forget it program. We are a shift in thought on how practices are growing organically because recall creates 3x more appointments than automation, new patient and online booking combined.

We understand the every shifting priorities of a growing group or DSO, however, one thing remains constant – recall. The silent killer of many great practices and groups. Let us help you create a clear path to growth today.

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