Guidance for Practicing in the New Normal

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This year has changed dentistry in ways we never imagined. Suddenly, there are more demands than ever before. Recalibrating your business for profitability and growth after months of closure. Protecting patients and staff from the risk of infection. Dealing with continually evolving information, guidelines and best practices. It’s a lot to manage, but those DSOs who keep a focus on safety, solutions and support will be in a better position to endure and thrive—and A-dec is here to help.

It all starts with safety

For decades, A-dec has built extra sterilization measures into our products. Our easily configurable sterilization centers and intuitive equipment help eliminate cross contamination, improve efficiency and workflow, and ensure that consistent infection control becomes second nature.

Now, with increased awareness of the danger of aerosols and greater concern for protecting patients and staff, A-dec is offering a growing line of products: dental face shields, the Protect and Sanitize Station, a quick-disconnect air motor, and large bore HVE—with more new solutions to come. See the Protect & Prevent scorecard at to learn how you can improve on your infection control efforts, then talk to us about proactive steps you can take to strengthen the overall safety of your practice.

All A-dec Territory Managers have earned the OSAP-DALE Foundation Dental Infection Prevention and Control Certificate. Drawing on current, evidence-based knowledge directly tied to the dental industry, they’re a trustworthy resource for recommendations on dental infection prevention and control.

Scalable solutions to fit your needs

If you’re considering new dental equipment, it’s important to look at total cost of ownership, product quality and performance, patient comfort, doctor preference, and manufacturer support. But there’s one other critical factor: your DSO’s plans for growth, both now and in a post-COVID environment.

Look for equipment that’s designed to easily integrate with a wide range of clinical devices and to accommodate new technologies as they evolve. A-dec has smart, scalable solutions to meet your needs today—while offering the flexibility to grow with your organization into the future.
A purposeful clinic layout, equipped with A-dec dental chairs, stools, deliveries, lights, furniture and sterilization centers, can make a significant difference in efficiency. A-dec can help you design a seamless, integrated workflow that—together with the optimal access to the oral cavity that A-dec equipment provides—will help boost productivity by minimizing time-wasting movements, and allow your dentists and hygienists to more efficiently and in greater comfort.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of reliability. Dental equipment that works consistently, day after day, helps keep operatories full, clinic schedules flowing smoothly, and your staff working with optimal productivity. Any time equipment is out of service, whatever the reason—maintenance, repairs, or waiting on a part—it’s not making you profitable. Our equipment is engineered and tested to last for 20 years of clinical use. That’s why so many DSOs, government organizations and dental schools choose A-dec for its legendary quality durability, ease of use and long-lasting performance.

Support for the long-term

You’ll find dental equipment packages designed and priced specifically for DSOs, with rich feature sets that support productivity and allow for easy integration of clinical devices and future technologies. That value goes far beyond quality and reliability—to improving your operational efficiency, staff satisfaction and comfort, and overall patient experience.

No one can say exactly what’s ahead for dentistry, but you can be confident that A-dec will be here every step of the way—partnering with you to keep your business moving forward.

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