How Scent Marketing Has Propelled Growth in One DSO

One of Group Dentistry Now’s Emerging Groups to Watch from 2017 continues on its path of growth with its commitment to providing the ideal patient experience.

In 2017, Dental365 had just ten locations and was set to double their practice count by the end of that year. Fast forward to 2020 and CEO and director of dentistry, Dr. Scott Asnis, and his team have expanded their DSO practice count to 54 locations with a combination of de novo and affiliations in New York, Connecticut, and most recently New Jersey.

The greater New York area was heavily impacted by the pandemic, but Dental365 never slowed down. Urgent care clinics and hospitals in the New York area referred patients with emergencies to their locations. As a result, they were able to keep many offices open. Once states began reopening, the DSO was not only able to quickly reinstate employees that were furloughed, but were also able to hire additional staff rapidly.

Culture is an important component of the group’s success. Despite having over 120 dental practices looking to affiliate with Dental365 in the past year, the group chose only a small percentage that are the right fit for the brand.

Dental365 is not your typical DSO. The dental group has grown without the assistance of a private equity partner. They are laser-focused on the consumer, with locations open seven days a week and extended hours of operation during the weekdays. In addition, there are no patient waits for appointments. Patients are seen immediately. The goal is to provide a consumer-driven experience while delivering the best patient care.

For Dr. Asnis, it is all about the experience. He is fastidious and pays close attention to the details that foster a positive patient interaction at every appointment. His cutting-edge and innovative approach makes for a high-end experience which he likens to one found at the Ritz Carlton.

Dental365 is using the same science as brands like Apple, Mercedes, and American Express to build positive emotions and imprint their great patient experience. They have found that a key to facilitating a top-notch patient experience is by their use of a custom fragrance logo throughout all of their locations.

Daniel Zimmon and his company NatScent partnered with Dr. Asnis and the Dental365 team to bring their vision of a scent embodying their culture of care and excellence to life. Dr. Asnis’s goal in the scent design is a calm, feel-good aroma that evokes cleanliness and safety. Not sweet or spa-like, but something welcoming and calming. Dr. Asnis says that they get at least three or four compliments per practice, per day on the scent in the offices.

Like other great brands, Dental365 knows that smell, our ‘always on’ and most influential sense, connects directly to our emotional brain.  It’s been scientifically proven to increase perception of quality, safety, loyalty, and luxury. Adding a pleasant fragrance to the office makes great first and lasting impressions.

Their unique fragrance design creates a powerful memory of the meticulous and caring Dental365 experience which translates to patients coming back more often, choosing to spend more, alleviating stress, and raising perception of care quality.

What we smell and how we feel directly affects everything we choose, our loyalties, our spending habits, and ultimately what we bring to each other.” – Daniel Zimmon, Partner, NatScent.

Because smell anchors 80% to 100% of memories, NatScent builds custom scents with most of their clients. Unique scent experiences lock in the feelings and emotions great companies like Dental365 work so hard to create.

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