Overcoming the Odds, MB2 Wraps Up 2020 Adding 81 New Practices, 70 New Doctor Owners

Founded in 2007 and led by dentist and entrepreneur, CEO Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, Dallas, Texas-based MB2 Dental is a first-of-its-kind dental partnership organization (DPO). Despite 2020’s challenges and halting all new growth through acquisitions during the second quarter to focus on supporting its doctor partners, MB2 was able to surpass 2019’s growth.

Amidst the pandemic, the DPO added 81 new affiliated practices with 70 new doctor owners, seven of which were de novos. MB2 added doctor partners in 11 new states, including: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Utah, bringing the total state count to 23 for MB2 Dental affiliated practices.

In 2020, MB2 Dental also completed the following:

  • Increased total number of doctor owners from 126 to 196
  • Added 126 new associate dentists
  • Transitioned 11 associate dentists to practice owners
  • Increased total employees from 2524 to 3628
  • Added specialty practices in the areas of orthodontics, pediatrics, periodontics, endodontics, and prosthodontics

The last year brought many challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, but Dr. Villanueva and his leadership team were in constant communication with MB2 doctor owners to ensure the owners had guidance and recommendations to navigate the uncharted waters, PPE supply chain, insurance claims, staff communication, compliance and safety, as well as preparing to re-open and more.

“We wanted to make sure that our own doctors were taken care of, but we also realized there were thousands of dentists going through this without a qualified partner to help them navigate the many decisions. This is something that has never been seen in the history of the dental profession and everyone was looking for any possible help or resource. We have the team of people capable of providing guidance during this time and we wanted to extend the help to any dentist in need. We were on daily Zoom calls with our doctor partners and executive teams to answer questions and to try and maintain a sense of connection as best as one can when being isolated.” – CEO and Founder, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva

One of the biggest struggles when the pandemic first hit and shutdowns began was securing PPE. Surgical face masks, N95 masks, gloves and sanitizing products were nearly impossible to secure. MB2 was able to provide the following for its affiliated practices to ensure proper PPE coverage so that the doctors and team were able to treat patients safely upon reopening:

  • 7,600 face shields
  • 204,000 face masks
  • 800,000 gloves

“One of the bright spots from this year was watching the teamwork as we sourced and shipped hundreds of thousands of PPE items throughout the country—something we’d certainly never done before. This effort directly showed the power of working as a group; our dental offices were able to reopen quickly, with the resources they needed, providing both a safe workplace for employees and top notch care to patients in need.” – Clint Ellenberg, EVP of Operations, MB2 Dental

During what has been the most challenging year in the history of dentistry, this DPO helped each other, their teams, and their families through it all. “That is what really matters,” said Dr. Villanueva.

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