How to Hire Double-Digit Dentists Monthly


Written by Priyanki Amroliwala, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at 42 North Dental.

Are you worried about a recession and how it will affect your DSO or dental practice? This article will show you how you can continue to grow and build, no matter what the economic forecast says.

As you know, a dental practice CANNOT function without a dentist. So, let’s start with some tried and true strategies on how to deliver double digit hiring numbers to keep up with the business and continue to grow.

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to hiring dentists or specialists, they are EXTREMELY hard to find and have many options for where they want to practice. And although many tech companies are going through massive layoffs, the labor market is still very tight, specifically in dentistry.

Why is that? Prior to the pandemic dentists were hard to find, and now that it’s an endemic, some of those dentists have minimized the amount of time they are practicing. Others have opted to either put off dental school or not go at all or sold their practice to retire early. This means that dental groups or practice owners that had major plans on expansion are now stuck in a rut.

We know that when a practice wants to grow, there are two options:

  1. Generate more new patients
  2. Hire more dentists and specialists to offer more convenient hours – open earlier, close later, and/or stay open all weekend to maximize on emergency dental work and keep a “one stop shop” for patients by building specialties into the practice.

Here are some ways that you can hire more dentists and specialists and achieve double-digit hiring numbers every month:

  • Revamp stale ads and start being creative by “tailoring each job ad” – meaning no more generic boring ads for each job…highlighting the practice and be transparent on compensation.
  • Tailor compensation per market versus per position – in other words, in a more remote area, become more “generous” with pay versus a city practice.
  • Minimize hiring times by not going through numerous people and channels and allowing too much time to lapse, give candidates a quick turnaround time in all processes. This means there is less competition for you since other places take too long to hire.
  • LISTEN more to what the candidate’s needs are, versus us telling them what you need them to do.
  • Give a true “red-carpet” experience to each candidate. They should feel as if they are the ONLY person you are recruiting for, this will go a long way in getting them to accept your job.
  • Build a comprehensive mentorship program for all new dentists coming in (new or experienced) so that they feel supported and know where to go if they need anything whatsoever!

These are only a FEW of the strategies you can implement to focus on effective growth even with so many different views on how the economy will shake out.

Double-digit hiring numbers monthly sounds unbelievable, yet it is very achievable, and you do not need to hire additional work force to do this. This can happen with small fine tailoring in your entire recruitment process, and of course, being partnered up very closely with the operations team to execute.

Priyanki Amroliwala is Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at 42 North DentalPriyanki is a seasoned Talent Acquisition Leader that has been working with 42 North Dental for six years.  She is well-known in the dental and healthcare industries, and genuinely has a true passion for what she does!  She believes that recruiting is her calling, and her passion and drive make her great at what she does.

Priyanki does talent acquisition/doctor recruiting for 120+ practices across the New England/North East region for 42 North Dental.  She focuses on Doctors and Specialists.  Priyanki has 15 plus years’ experience most recently in healthcare including the private duty home care and senior care sectors. Priyanki graduated from the University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business, in 2006, where she holds a specialization in Marketing Communications.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her precious family, going shopping, and always trying out new foods at local restaurants!  She considers one of her passions to be “at service for others”, which is why she loves recruiting where she services her clients and candidates, and she gets to entertain her family and friends at home on the weekends.

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