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One of the biggest disparities today in oral health is due to gaps in dental health coverage. In fact, half of Americans report they are delaying oral care due to economic constraints.

That’s why Kleer created a membership plan platform that removes all of the complexities of insurance. This subscription-based model improves patient access to care while providing the foundation to your group’s success.

Sarah Martinez, a Regional Manager at Pearl Street Dental Partners – a DSO with 18 locations, says of membership plans, “I promise you won’t regret the decision to better support your uninsured patients, and you will achieve greater treatment acceptance and results because of it.”

Benefits for Doctors

Membership plan patients are more loyal, compliant, and profitable.

Membership plans — not to be confused with dental discount plans — bundle preventative care and treatment services, and offer them to patients at a transparent, attractive price.

Since dentists are developing a direct relationship and because routine care is included, membership patients consistently book — and keep — their appointments. When compared to uninsured patients we find that membership plan patients:

  • Visit the dentist 2-3X more often
  • Accept up to 3X more dental treatment
  • Generate 2X the production

Sarah Martinez, from Pearl Street, found that the addition of Kleer “increased visits by 154%, procedures by 135%, and gross production by 150% per membership plan patient”. In total their 18 location DSO is inching closer to hitting $2 million in subscription revenue. (Explore the data here.)

Ease and efficiency of collecting payments from patients

Kleer has spent years developing the most advanced membership plan technology to provide practices with a solution that automatically processes payments, distributes deposits, and balances and records payments in your PMS. Patients can even pay for their subscription upfront and for any additional care at the time of treatment, so there are no accounts receivable or past-due balances to delay payment.

Improved management of insurance participation

If your group or DSO relies on a high-volume approach to compensate for low reimbursement rates, implementing a membership plan can be a solution. By structuring your membership plan on your fee schedule, dentists can attend to a smaller number of patients, allowing time for more focus and care.

Benefits for patients

An alternative coverage option improves patients access to care

By leveraging a membership plan, patients don’t have to search for an in-network provider or navigate obstacles to receive necessary care. The process is free from pre-approvals or waiting periods, allowing patients to access the care they require without delay. Sarah Martinez adds, “patients get to take advantage of great benefits and treatment savings and no one has to deal with insurance.”

Transparent plans remove the worry from patients

Similar to other subscription services, patients who enroll in a membership plan are fully aware of their expenses and have a clear understanding of the costs related to their care. This fosters a closer doctor-patient relationship, which in return will lead to stronger patient retention.

Powered by Kleer.

Over 300 leading dental groups and DSOs use Kleer to gain more patients, strengthen relationships with existing ones, and create greater demand for their business. The Kleer dental membership platform integrates with 90%+ of PMS solutions to help practices automate administrative processes, better manage their data, and identify and market to uninsured and dormant patients in their database — improving total visits, treatment acceptance, and revenue.

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