Increasing Case Acceptance Rates, Services Rendered & Patient Loyalty with a Professionally Administered In-House Dental Savings Plan

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The Problem.

For years, statistics have shown that uninsured patients, when compared to their insured counterparts, are much more conditioned to forgo their dental care, and a main driver behind the problem is the simple fact: “cash paying” patients don’t have access to a dental plan to help them afford their initial and continued dental care costs.

For dental providers, this has created a climate where providers struggle mightily to efficiently service and retain uninsured patients.  As a result, dental providers continue to feel the negative impact of low production numbers from their uninsured patients and continue to rely too much on third party insurance plans that don’t have their offices best interests in mind.

The Solution.

Now, more than ever, dental providers nationwide need a viable solution to help their offices better service and retain the growing number of self pay patients.   Many dental providers are now turning to in-house dental savings plans as their solution.

With dental providers continuing to adopt in-house plans at record rates it’s important to point out the unique features of a professionally administered in-house plan, and why they’re vital to the effectiveness an in-house plan has on its’ offices case acceptance rates, services rendered, and loyalty from self pay patients.

In order for your in-house plan to be effective, it must possess these administration features:

Provider Engagement iconProvider Engagement.  Your offices must be engaged in the nitty-gritty of their plan through initial and continued trainings.  It’s vital that all of your team members clearly understand what your plan is geared to do, as well as how to effectively present and enroll patients with your plan while they’re still in your offices.

Member Engagement iconMember Engagement.  It’s crucial that your plan members are consistently engaged in your office’s plan.  An effective member engagement strategy includes:

  • Outbound member welcome calls made within one business day of enrollment.
  • Sending out member welcome kits that include a welcome letter, a copy of the member terms and conditions, and two member ID cards.
  • Sending out member renewal kits that includes important plan information and encourages members to renew and utilize their plan at their respective office.
  • Outbound member renewal calls to notify members of their upcoming renewal and the importance of continuing their plan membership and good oral health.
  • A member portal where members can view plan details, self manage their plan, and add additional family members at anytime with ease.
  • Bi-lingual member services where prospective and active members can call for all plan related inquiries.

Marketing iconMarketing.  It’s important that your plan is marketed in a way that presents your plan, as well as your offices, in a professional manner.  Your plan’s marketing strategy should incorporate:

  • Digital marketing that includes a best-in-class brand, website, landing pages, automated emails, monthly newsletters, and effective SEO.
  • Print marketing that includes plan brochures, posters, and door stickers for display within your offices, as well as direct mailers to illustrate your plan details.

Analytics iconAnalytics.  Your offices must be able to easily view and analyze your plan’s data in real-time using a web based analytics platform that illustrates all new and renewal plan data broken down for management, brands, offices, etc.

Billing iconBilling.  Your plan should utilize a PCI compliant billing platform that automatically handles your plan’s new and recurring enrollment transactions, as well as timely plan refunds when needed.

CompliaCompliance iconnce.  Your plan must be regulatory compliant in all states where you have offices located. The emergence of in-house plans have resulted in an increase in rules and regulations that must be followed.  Currently, about 35 states have statutes in place to regulate discount health care plans.

Whether you currently administer your own in-house plan and want to take it to the next level, or you’re looking to have one built from scratch, Ascension Dental can help.  

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Why Ascension Dental?

Ascension Dental is the industry leader in the design, development, and administration of in-house dental savings plans. Ascension Dental continues to be the trusted administrative partner for dental providers across the country that would like to have their own proprietary, regulatory compliant, and professionally administered in-house dental savings plan without having to worry about administrative hassles or high costs.

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