Is Your Company’s Strategic Direction Aligned With The Latest Trends in the Dental Industry?

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There’s no question that the field of dentistry is changing rapidly, especially for group practices like yours. As patient needs evolve, we are seeing entirely new ways of delivering and charging for dental services. Do you have a clear picture of how these and other new developments will affect your organization in the months ahead?

No doubt you and your leadership team have taken time to learn as much as you can about trends in the dental industry. Yet it can be hard for any single organization to conduct the in-depth research needed to fully understand:

• How reimbursement rates and rules are changing

• How practice configurations are shifting to keep pace with new market realities

• What patients worry about most – and the care they expect

• The hidden risks that can undermine your organization’s growth

The American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute (HPI) recently released its 2020 Dental Industry Report. The report is based on a thorough review of the ADA’s extensive data sets, as well as research conducted by HPI’s industry experts. Here is a sampling of HPI’s most significant findings:

  • In most states, and nationally overall, payment rates for dental care service from private dental insurance are trending downward.
  • The dental economy is showing a slight recovery in terms of overall dental spending.
  • Dental care utilization and spending rates are being impacted by changes in consumerism as well as by demographic shifts among dental providers.

Many group dental practices need to know more about particular issues or markets in order to plan for successful outcomes.

HPI’s economists and statisticians can shed light on those topics through custom research that can often drill down to reveal what’s happening at the zip code, community, state, or regional level. Policy experts are also available to report on specific factors that may affect a company’s long-range results.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive view of the dental industry as a means of sharpening your company’s vision, order HPI’s 2020 report HERE.

The ADA’s Health Policy Institute provides data-driven reports, expert speakers and other custom consulting services to help organizations maintain a competitive edge in the dental industry.

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