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Attention: HR, Hygiene Departments, Dentists & Clinical Directors!
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Calling all dental hygienists interested in sharing your voice! You can join an online community of likeminded professionals that will help shape the future of Colgate’s product development. In return for your input and time, you’ll earn Amazon gift cards and network with peers in your industry.

Colgate wants to understand your perspective to make sure their products meet your needs and satisfy professionals in your field. Regardless of whether you’re a Colgate customer, your voice is valuable. Similarly, you won’t be asked to order or purchase any products within the forum. The forum’s goal is simply to learn about you to inspire what’s next for Colgate.

In this group, your peers will come from diverse backgrounds that are all rooted in patient care. While some members will be employed at a DSO, others will work in standalone private practices. Whether members have worked in the field for a just few years or have a full career’s worth of stories to share, all voices are welcome and vital to the group. Regardless of where you fall on these spectrums, your input can make an impact.

Why Join Colgate’s RDH Network?

  • Incentives. Earn valuable rewards regularly for participation
  • 24/7 Collaboration. Partner and discuss with registered hygienists anytime
  • Networking. Engage and connect with 250 of your industry peers
  • Advice. Exchange opinions, challenges, trends & solutions
  • Influence. Executives will listen to your feedback & ideas
  • Innovation. Inspire new products, services & resources

Are you ready to share your voice and join the forum? Take this quick, 3-minute survey to get started and learn more:



Thank you for your support,
Colgate-Palmolive RDH Network Community

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