Mini Implant and Digital Denture Solutions Provide Simple and Cost-Effective Solutions for DSOs

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It is predicted that nearly 37.9 million adults will have one or two edentulous arches by 20201. The rate of edentulism is positively correlated to age and lower socioeconomic standing2. Clinicians need to tailor their treatment plans to the patient and be prepared to address the unique needs of older, long-term edentulous, and/or economically disadvantaged patients using evidence-based treatment rationale with a predictable superlative outcome.

What emerging dental groups, dental support organizations and laboratories need:
• everyday solutions which drive revenue and profitability
• products with superior quality which are simple to use and offer versatility
continuing education
• attentive customer service and support.

Patients need:
• affordability
• product longevity
• excellent standard of care.

At present, in most dental practices, not a day goes by where a dentist doesn’t see a patient who may need a removable partial, an implant patient who would benefit from conventional or mini implants, someone who requires an impression or a temporary crown. In addition, the aforementioned data suggest that clinicians will continue to implement treatment plans utilizing complete dentures, partials, and implants, both traditional and mini, for the foreseeable future.

Dental Support Organizations
Recently, a large dental group had issues with retention inserts breaking and/or requiring frequent changing. Another dental group had issues with batch consistency with the temporary material they were using. Both DSOs found a solution to their ongoing issues with Sterngold’s family of products which provided predictable and consistent results.

Sterngold is the ‘everything removable provider,’ offering DSOs versatile options for stabilizing full or partial dentures on teeth and implants. Their implant options meet DSOs’ clinical needs and allow flexible removable solutions, including several stud attachment and bar systems.

Sterngold considers themselves to be a one-stop-shop for removable dentistry. They pride themselves on making the majority of their products in the USA, their responsiveness to customer interaction, and product/service feedback. Their business model offers the capability to be a dynamic and nimble provider of product line enhancements.

Double-digit Growth
Within the DSO and emerging group market, they have seen double-digit growth YOY, with a focus on the MOR Mini Implant, TRU & PUR Conventional Implants, ERA Removable Solutions (i.e. attachments, partials, root anchors, implant abutment), Stern SNAP & ORA implant abutments and their SRS consumables line. These core products provide everyday solutions for their partners by reducing cost, driving revenue and profitability, while increasing the standard of care for their patients.

Mini Implants
For example, the versatile MOR Mini Dental Implant line can be used for denture connection or crown and bridge fixation. The procedure is a lot less expensive for both patients and providers, minimally invasive, and takes about 45 minutes. To better understand and get the most out of this system, Sterngold offers an easy-to-use surgical kit backed with a surgical protocol with steps to ensure clinical case success. The popularity of this product line stems from its simplicity, versatility, and patient satisfaction.

Within the DSO and emerging group space, conventional implants, mini implants, and dentures are all tied together. The next three to five years will bring considerable growth, with even larger numbers for this market as dentists adapt to meet the needs of patients. However, the emergence and demand of digital dentures will be the biggest driving growth factor within the denture space.

Digital Dentures
Sterngold is on the forefront of this digital dentures boom and has just launched their partnership with the Baltic Denture System (BDS) by Merz in North America. They are the only company which offers partners, especially dental labs, DSOs and emerging groups, the chance to get involved in digital dentures without a large investment. What’s more, digital workflow processes can be insourced or outsourced with flexibility and the support of Sterngold.

The Baltic Denture System product line, and its processes, opens up a new way of fabricating full dentures in a digital workflow. Sterngold’s implant systems, in particular, the MOR® Mini Implant system prosthetic and its processing steps, have been incorporated into the digital denture workflow.

In as little as two clinical visits, a patient can have a new, accurate, and aesthetically superior dentures, compared to the traditional way which averages five visits. Labs will also be able to produce unparalleled results with increased efficiencies in time and labor. With the advent of the Baltic Denture System’s commitment to speed and maximum efficiency, a laboratory or clinical practice can begin overdenture cases today.

Other popular products DSOs gravitate to are ERA®, Stern Snap®, and ORA systems, along with the industry leading attachment pickup material, EZ PickUp®. These attachment systems, the ERA®, Stern SNAP®, and ORA, are also available for all other popular implant systems.

Continuing Education and Training
Sterngold’s value-added services include expert technical support and continuing education opportunities. Sterngold supports CE events throughout the year for dental groups and DSOs, provided by their own CDT support personal and clinical KOL’s. Their keys to success are transparency, simplicity, and flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands and business models of their partners.

Sterngold has remained one of the most recognized and respected dental suppliers for over a century. A global leader in alloys, attachments, implants, restorative systems, and now digital dentures for over 122 years, their customers represent both clinical and laboratory segments of the dental industry. This gives Sterngold a unique perspective of both segments and how they interact with one another. As a result of these rewarding long-standing relationships, they have learned to adapt to current and future needs and demands of their customers.

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1. Douglass CW, Shih A, Ostry L. Will there be a need for complete dentures in the United States in 2020? J Prosthet Dent. 2002;87:5–8. doi: 10.1067/mpr.2002.121203
2. Slade, G.D., A.A. Akinkugbe, and A.E. Sanders. “Projections of U.S. Edentulism Prevalence Following 5 Decades of Decline.” Journal of Dental Research 93.10 (2014): 959–965. PMC. Web. 22 June 2016.

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