Largest Dental Support Organization is Analyzing the Potential of Expanding

Heartland Dental, the largest dental support organization in the country, recently announced that it will enhance operations in Effingham, as well as potentially open additional support offices. They are analyzing the potential of expanding the geography of support-office functions, Markets throughout the region are being considered for the locations of the new facilities, which like the Effingham Support Office, will house non-clinical support positions.

Since its inception in 1997, Heartland Dental has grown to support more than 800 dental offices, 1,200 dentists and 11,000 employees. The company has 570 support office employees, 520 of which work in Effingham. The company’s strategic plan calls for the addition of supported dentists and dental offices, making the new regionalized model for core functions like accounting and information technology (IT) for example, most suitable. No decisions have been made about the types of positions that will be created and when. And although a timetable isn’t set, Heartland Dental retained global real estate expert Cushman & Wakefield to conduct a formal location search.

“Our support-office operations is the backbone for delivering top-notch service to our supported dentists and their teams,” said Patrick Bauer, Heartland Dental President & CEO. “Given our size today and where we want to be tomorrow, we are always focused on advancing our support.”

“We have worked very hard to get to this point,” said Dr. Rick Workman, Founder & Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental. “It is a source of great pride to be in the position of considering ways that we may want to expand our non-clinical support operations, because it is the foundation for how we create value for dentists and teams. Although we are open to considering all options, Effingham, Illinois is where it all started, and it will continue to be the ‘heart’ of Heartland Dental.”

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Source: Heartland Dental