Dr. Roshan Parikh (or “Dr. Ro” as he is known in the industry) is the Head of Dentistry for Walmart Health.  He joined Walmart in 2019 to help develop and roll out a strategic roadmap for their dental services, focusing in particular on dental-medical integration and increasing access to care, offering customers new ways to save money, while living better –and healthier– lives. Dental is part of Walmart Health’s overall investment in health and wellness, and Dr. Ro will refine the long-term strategy to grow their focus in dentistry, working closely with Merchandising and Operations to map their current presence in dental and help build the right organization and approach to best serve their customers. He is a proud graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) – College of Dentistry.  In addition to his DDS degree, he also obtained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Loyola University with dual emphases in finance and marketing.  Previously, Dr. Ro grew a single practice into Chicagoland Smile Group, a 20+ network of multi-specialty dental group practices with >75 dentists and dental specialists.  He also founded the dental consulting firm DSO Strategy, LLC, helping entrepreneurial dentists strategize a growth plan for their dental group practices and create an investable platform for institutional capital. Dr. Ro is a contributing writer to Group Dentistry Now and sits on Group Dentistry Now’s Editorial Board. Dr. Ro’s passion lies in building functional and strategically patient-centric business models that help providers to be both first-rate caregivers as well as successful businesses, and he is thrilled at the opportunity to help that philosophy come to light in a nationwide operation as he joins the team at Walmart Health as their Head of Dentistry.