Luting Cement: Lowering Cost and Elevating Corporate Dentistry with Advanced EDS Formula Integration.

Press Release

Building upon its reputation for innovation, Enhanced Dental Solutions (EDS) proudly announces the integration of the EDS formula into CEMPOWER Luting Cement, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in dental restoration technology. This integration ushers in a new era of excellence, combining the cutting-edge EDS formula with the unmatched performance of CEMPOWER, further revolutionizing dental restorations.

Elevating Performance while lowing product cost through Enhanced Dental Solutions

The EDS formula brings a host of transformative enhancements to CEMPOWER, setting a new benchmark for dental restorative materials. Some of the remarkable features introduced through the EDS formula include:

  • Handling Simplicity: CEMPOWER now benefits from a novel rheological profile, ensuring smoother and more precise handling during application.
  • Latest Generation of Adhesive Monomers: Incorporating state-of-the-art adhesive monomers, CEMPOWER establishes a superior bond to zirconia and other substrates.
  • Advanced Fillers: Specially processed fillers are responsible for simplifying the mixing process while significantly enhancing bond strength across diverse substrates.
  • Moisture Tolerance:  CEMPOWER’s high moisture tolerance guarantees exceptional adhesion even in moist environments, providing dental practitioners with reliable outcomes.
  • Effortless Excess Removal: After curing, the excess material is easily removed, streamlining the final steps of the restoration process.
  • Long-Term Hydrolytic Stability: The proprietary blend of Bis-GMA free monomers ensures superior long-term hydrolytic stability, a testament to CEMPOWER’s commitment to reliable bonding for direct and indirect restorative materials.
  • Enhanced Biocompatibility: CEMPOWER ‘s Bis-GMA free proprietary blend of monomers ensures superior biocompatibility, prioritizing patient well-being throughout the restoration journey.

“We are thrilled to introduce the integration of the Enhanced Dental Solutions formula into CEMPOWER, elevating the material to new heights of performance and reliability,” declared Dr. Allan Deutsch. “This remarkable advancement represents our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions that empower dental professionals and redefine patient care.”

Experience the synergy of EDS formula enhancements and the unparalleled performance of CEMPOWER. For more information, visit or email:

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Essential Dental Systems is a trailblazing force in dental innovation, dedicated to shaping the future of dentistry through groundbreaking solutions that empower dental professionals and enhance patient care. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, EDS continues to redefine the dental landscape.


CEMPOWER is now available, in Translucent and A2 shades. For more information about CEMPOWER and how it can revolutionize your dental practice, please visit or contact