Nearly Half of the Top 25 DSOs Now Use This Organization’s Cloud-Based Solutions

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Planet DDS is proud to spotlight several of the many dental group practices that have joined the Denticon family in 2020. Almost half of the top 25 DSOs are now using Planet DDS solutions, including Denticon. As the highest-rated and most widely-used practice management solution in the cloud, Denticon is the first choice for many of the country’s premier group practices and DSOs. The all-in-one, cloud-based practice management solution offers dental practices the best solution to standardize, centralize, and grow.

With its industry-leading functionality geared towards groups, Denticon increases efficiencies for the entire office. From streamlining clinical tasks, enhancing operations, improving the patient experience, and reporting KPIs to revenue cycle management, Denticon is the trusted practice management solution for practices of all sizes.

“We are grateful to have been selected as the practice management software partner of so many large, growing dental groups these past few years. These partnerships have challenged us to be better at developing and implementing innovative software for the growing large group and emerging-DSO segments.”- Eric Giesecke, Chief Executive Officer of Planet DDS

“We are incredibly excited to welcome so many premier groups to the Denticon practice management solution. Our team of industry experts is committed to providing these groups with the finest implementation experience available. We know that our clients chose Denticon after a careful evaluation of all of the solutions that are available in the marketplace. Our fast growth is a testament to the reliability and comprehensiveness of the Denticon software.”- Mike Huffaker, Vice President of Sales at Planet DDS

DSO and Dental Group Practice Profiles

Scaling to New Heights with Denticon

Large group practices and DSOs are looking for robust solutions that can scale seamlessly with their growing organization.

When asked why they chose Denticon, Will Alexander, Chief Information Officer of Benevis, said, “We were looking for a SaaS solution that would satisfy our existing requirements for standardizing our business processes to better serve patients as well as be forward-thinking and nimble to quickly deliver new features as the dentists we support need them. From an IT perspective, we were also looking for a solution that would help us consolidate the number of applications that we currently have to support. We felt that Denticon was in the best position to deliver for us today and in the future.”

Emma Machado Cifuentes, Director of Operations for Perfect Dental Management, said, “Denticon has been instrumental to our growth strategy by combining a cloud-based solution with robust, enterprise level reporting.”

“Lane & Associates Family Dentistry has been in business for over 40 years and is proudly the largest dental group practice in North Carolina. With over 46 offices across the state, we have grown significantly over the past several years and have quickly outgrown our existing practice management system. Denticon has provided the ideal solution at an enterprise level that is cloud based and multi-functional. We are in the early stages of adoption and are confident the system will yield improved data analytics and access to information between offices,” said Brian Bunch, Chief Executive Officer of Lane & Associates Family Dentistry.

“Group practices are looking to migrate to the cloud now more than ever. As they consider all the available options, they are consistently choosing Denticon as the most proven, comprehensive software for groups within the dental industry,” said Huffaker. “We are proud to empower so many dental organizations across the country to accelerate their growth through our innovative software.”

Multi-Location Practices Leverage Denticon

Denticon helps multi-location practices stay centralized and engaged. Its cloud-based capabilities have also helped group practices adapt quickly during the COVID crisis.

“Our doctor-owner model thrives on keeping teams informed and engaged. Utilizing a common platform ensures data integrity and an increased level of transparency when communicating KPIs to the field,” explained Danial Redifer, Co-Founder of EquiShared.

“The business side of dentistry is our chief responsibility as a management team. Denticon’s cloud-based platform provides for expanded service level capabilities such as teledentistry, centralized billing, and call center functionality,” added Cameron Elrod, Co-Founder of EquiShared. “These have become even more critical as we navigated the challenges brought on by the pandemic and the need to adapt quickly to patient and provider availability.”

“Our team is committed to providing practice groups the ability to move their offices to the cloud, releasing them from the constraints of being in the data warehousing business,” said Huffaker. “Denticon’s comprehensive platform provides online consent and patient registration, patient communications, and device-agnostic cloud imaging software, which has been very compelling to practice groups of all sizes.”

Featured Solution:

Planet DDS is a solutions company for dental practices. Through its innovative solutions, including cloud-based practice management and imaging software, Planet DDS helps clients improve the efficiency and economics of their dental practices.

Planet DDS was the first to the cloud with its top-rated practice management solution, Denticon. The all-in-one, cloud-based Denticon software is the best solution for dental practices of all sizes. Denticon’s robust capabilities include patient-facing features, patient communications, analytics, and revenue cycle management.

Planet DDS recently acquired Apteryx Imaging, a company with over 20-years of experience providing dental health professionals with advanced diagnostic imaging software. Planet DDS continues to lead in the cloud-software space, now also offering Apteryx XVWeb, a cloud-based imaging software that delivers state-of-the-art clinical image capture, visualization, analysis, backup, and secure data sharing to dentists and oral health specialists.

Trusted by both top DSOs and single location offices looking to scale, Planet DDS offers robust, comprehensive solutions for practices of all sizes. Planet DDS has successfully converted thousands of dental practices from legacy desktop software to the cloud.

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