New Board Members Elected to Member-Owned DSO, SG Management LLC (The Schulman Group)

SG Management LLC (Schulman Group), an innovative, member-owned orthodontic Dental Support Organization (DSO) whose members represent the top two percent of orthodontists practicing in the United States, and which offers members the advantages of a DSO while preserving independent practice ownership, has elected three new members to its Board of Directors to serve three-year terms. They are:

· Brandon Boggan, DMD, MS, who has offices in Pelham and Calera, Alabama;

· Ryan Booth, DDS, MSD, whose office is in Homer Glen, Illinois; and

· Sean Holliday, DDS, MS, who has offices in Pearl City, Kailua, Kahala and Honolulu, Hawaii.

For more than 35 years, the Schulman Group has been dedicated to advancing members’ success. It re-organized in 2018 as a member-owned “inside” DSO, a unique business model comprised of independent practice owners who use collective purchasing power to provide member shareholders with competitive pricing and services through preferred supplier agreements and non-clinical practice management solutions. SG Management is also purchasing orthodontic practices from those who wish to sell based on their needs and time frame. SG Management does not use a “cookie cutter” approach.

Members continue to “run their own patient-centered practices,” emphasizes Robert James Bray, DDS, MS, the Schulman Group’s chairman and CEO. “We fully support each member’s commitment to doing the very best treatment in the nicest way for their family of patients.”

To manage practice overhead, Schulman Group members have the option of doing business with more than 20 preferred providers. SG Management LLC, the group’s administrative entity, negotiates preferential pricing for members. SG Management chooses to work with progressive industry leaders that deliver state-of-the-art goods and services of greatest benefit to Schulman members. Thus, members are better able to compete on the basis of products and services that are needed to run an orthodontic practice, and their practices can continue to grow. Schulman Group members are not required to do business with preferred providers. As independent owners, members’ practice management decisions are theirs, alone, to make.

Membership in the Schulman Group yields measurable results. Per Gaidge, the leading provider of practice analysis metrics for orthodontists, Schulman Group members’ KPIs (key performance indicators) always exceed U.S. national averages. Across critical KPIs in 2019, as compared to national averages, Schulman Group members realized:

· 22 percent higher net production

· 26 percent greater net collections

· 20 percent higher total starts than the general orthodontic community across the country

· 15 percent more new patient starts

· 17 percent more exams

Schulman members freely share practice management and clinical insights as they exercise “Excellence Through Sharing,” the organization’s founding principle. Members are committed to the success of fellow members. It was this philosophy that attracted new Board member Dr. Holliday. He attributes his personal and professional growth since joining the Schulman Group to his ability to request advice on clinical and non-clinical topics from other members, who are, as he says, “some of the sharpest minds in orthodontics.”

Core strengths of the Schulman Group were apparent early in the COVID-19 pandemic: networking and information-sharing. As the world struggled, Schulman Group members across the U.S. and SG Management responded quickly to provide members with critical information and materials needed to transition to closing their offices, and then to re-open them.

Justin Wedding, DMD, MS, a Schulman member from Owensboro, Kentucky re-purposed the organization’s advice for office re-opening and shared it with referring dentists. “We tried to ‘be the expert’ on the EIDL and PPP loans to help them sift through the craziness. I would never have had the knowledge on all of these things without the collective brainpower of the Schulman Group.”

Since the Schulman Group became a DSO, more than 20 new orthodontists have become members. The organization continues to grow, offering an impressive suite of unique membership benefits. The Schulman Group makes it possible for each member “…to be an excellent clinician and an excellent businessperson,” Dr. Bray observes.

Orthodontists who are interested in membership or those who wish to sell their practice to the Schulman Group are invited to visit the website to submit an application.

About the Schulman Group
The Schulman Group began as a study group in the 1980s. It reformed in 2018 as a member-owned dental support organization (DSO) for orthodontists who practice in the U.S. At the time of reorganization, there were 110 founding members. The organization is administered by SG Management LLC.

Guided by its unique “Success Through Sharing” philosophy, there are 147 members representing 116 practices and more than 300 office locations in 46 states. Schulman Group members are among the top 2 percent of orthodontic specialists in the U.S.

Geographically based, and with a commitment to excellence in patient care, each member is an equal shareholder in the DSO and contracts for non-clinical services to create efficiencies and cost savings for his/her independently-owned practice.

As a DSO, the Schulman Group uses its collective purchasing power to provide shareholders with competitive pricing and services through preferred supplier agreements and non-clinical practice management solutions.

The organization’s website is

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