New Dental Specialty Partner Organization Formally Launches

DSO Spotlight

EPIC4 Specialty Partners, a merger of 26 dental specialty offices, has formally launched. This new, doctor-owned, doctor-led specialty partnership organization, or SPO, operates 56 orthodontic and pediatric dentistry practice locations nationally.


  • Their 17 founders practice in 13 different states, range in age from 35-62 years old, and have been in practice as few as four years and as long as 33 years. They have a 314 years of combined specialty experience.
  • Forty one percent of their founders are female, offering an important perspective in a profession which is becoming increasingly female-driven.
  • They have also just announced their most recent partnership with a multi-location Orthodontic practice in Wisconsin, expanding EPIC4’s footprint to 14 states.


Dr. Jessica Ulmer (Mississippi, Louisianna)
Dr. Clark Colville (Texas)
Dr. Kevin Theroux (Colorado)
Dr. Brooks Barefoot (Colorado)
Dr. Sam Papandreas (Ohio)
Dr. Kelly Heetland (Texas)
Dr. Shawna Heetland (Texas)
Dr. Darren Haltom (New Mexico)
Dr. Michaela McCormick (Penna & Maryland)
Dr. Sami Webb (Nebraska & Wyoming)
Dr. Ashlee Aragon (New Mexico)
Dr. Kaitlyn Darcy (New Mexico)
Dr. Kyle Childers (Illinois)
Dr. Steven Guelff (Florida)
Dr. Ed Brown (Mississippi, Louisianna)
Dr. Nathan Moeller (Wyoming)
Dr. Christy Fortney (California)

EPIC4’s founders previously collaborated as members of a prestigious orthodontic study club, Schulman Study Group, where several founding members served in board positions. This network served as a springboard to launch a new company that is built on four pillars:

Equity & Wealth Generation
Practice and Life Balance
Integration and Collaboration
Clinical and Managerial Autonomy.

Their systems have been developed to maximize EPIC4’s second pillar: Practice and Life Balance. The goal is to enable all partners to focus on delivering patient care under their existing local brand.

Carrying forth the group’s vision and embodying the doctor-owner/doctor-led mantra is Dr. Sami Webb, CEO, who is also an EPIC4 Founding Partner Doctor. She leads a team of who provides essential services and management support to the affiliated specialty practices.

“We can have both things. We can have our practices and we can have our families. Nobody is changing my practice. I get to do what I do every day. We created EPIC4 with Associate Partner Doctors strongly in mind, offering them equity at the outset–with no cash outlay. Financial advisors never included the sale of my practice in retirement projections. EPIC4 has completely reversed that thinking.” – Dr. Sami Webb, CEO

A unique and foundational aspect of EPIC4 is their “Equity for all Doctors” model.  They have built a structure whereby all full-time doctors hold equity in the company, including “Associate Partner Doctors.”  This model allows for shared financial success across the board and lowers the barrier to ownership experienced by younger doctors since no financial outlay is required to gain equity.

Epic4’s founders are friends who have been heavily invested in one another’s personal and professional well-being for approximately 20 years as former members of the Schulman Study Group.