Nitrous Oxide Revisited – The Practice Builder During COVID-19

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Resurgence in Nitrous Oxide

Over the past six months, there has been an unprecedented increase in demand for nitrous oxide equipment and breathing circuits in the dental industry. Much of the initial demand has been focused on breathing circuits and nasal hoods due to heightened awareness of infection control and as a result, offices are enhancing their day-to-day protocols. Nitrous oxide equipment demand has also been on the rise due to the sensitivity of patients coming back to their dentist with the added apprehension caused by concerns over COVID-19 and the perceived risk of getting sick. Some patients explain that not only do they want to alleviate their anxiety, but they also feel comfort in having a nasal hood covering their nose as an added barrier.

Changes in patient behavior have prompted many dental offices to dust off their old nitrous equipment and/or invest in a new nitrous system for their new office build-out or existing practice.

Why Nitrous Oxide for your Practices?

It is estimated that nearly half of the population in the United States experience some amount of fear with regards to visiting a dentist. Of that percentage, about five to ten percent of those people have a strong enough fear to be considered sufferers of dental phobia and simply choose not to visit the dentist.

There are many ways to overcome dental phobia or anxiety while at the dental office, but none are as easy, safe and effective as nitrous oxide and oxygen anxiolysis. For over 100 years nitrous oxide has become one of the most widely used analgesics and anxiolytics in the dental industry. Due to its long-standing safety record, fast onset and quick recovery, nitrous oxide has great benefits to help patients overcome this anxiety during dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide and COVID-19

Today, with the onset of COVID-19, dental practices are experiencing a whole new set of challenges around patient and staff safety. Many patients already have anxiety about going to the dentist – and now their anxiety is multiplied with added concern about COVID and “Will I get sick going to the dentist?”

Many dental groups have relied on nitrous oxide for years as a means to increase productivity because as we know, compliant patients are the best patients. This is increasingly critical in our current state as dental practices strive to increase their patients’ confidence in the dental practice and comfort level as well as production numbers. Now, more than ever, dental practices are looking for solutions to ease the mind of their patients.

Here are some advantages of using nitrous oxide:

  • put your patients’ mind at ease by removing fear and anxiety.
  • help your patients relax
  • patients will be more compliant and easier to work with
  • procedures can be completed more efficiently
  • patients have a better experience
  • patients return for recare
  • patients are more willing to accept treatment plans
  • satisfied patients refer friends and family.

Although nitrous has been proven to be an extremely safe analgesic, this investment always comes with many questions from the doctor and staff regarding safety and proper use. It is important to partner with a company that offers innovative trusted solutions as well as dependable field support. This partnership is imperative in the success of implementing nitrous into your dental practice.

The Importance of Partnerships:

For over 50 years Porter Instrument has earned the industry reputation as “The Trusted Name in Nitrous.” This comes from a long history of innovation and reliability backed by unprecedented field support. Nearly all Porter Territory Representatives have an ASSE 6005 Medical Gas Systems Generalist certification along with an average of 13 years of nitrous oxide system experience – providing dental professionals with a trusted resource for all of their nitrous needs.

Excellent local support combined with innovative product solutions such as single-use masks and breathing circuits (in one piece), automatic vacuum scavenging systems and precision flowmeters that are built to last, make up a winning combination to ensure a successful partnership.

Dental group partners value Porter Instrument for the following reasons:

  • In-office equipment audits to ensure function and safety
  • In-office in-service training
  • Special pricing
  • Formulary recommendations to ensure the proper set up for your group
  • Widest variety of product options -the right fit for all office types
  • Fully disposable breathing circuit and nasal hood options for safe and easy disinfection protocol
  • Over 140 years of combined customer service experience.

Although we don’t know what lies around the corner in dentistry, nitrous oxide use seems to be playing a larger role today in the success of dental practices by instilling comfort and confidence in patients returning to the dentist. When it comes to nitrous oxide in your practice, Porter Instrument is there to position your practice for success.

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