Nominate Your Pick for GDN’s ‘DSO Influencers to Watch’ 2020 List

Since we started Group Dentistry Now six years ago, we have seen quite an evolution in the DSO industry.  Being a first-mover, we have been on the frontline of reporting on the DSO industry and we are its most vocal advocate. The changes we have seen have been positive. We attribute those positive changes to the industry’s most invaluable resource: its people.

We have demonstrated day in and day out over the past half-decade+, that GDN is committed to the success of DSOs and the people who work for them.  Now, we formally recognize DSO influencers annually. (Here are last year’s winners.)

Great leaders wield strong influence, however influencers are not always C-suite or executive team members. Sometimes the most influential leaders are practicing dentists, managers, support staff, and administrators.

Who do you see as an impactful influencer in your DSO? Nominate your pick today! Submission deadline is February 15, 2020. Submissions after this date will not be considered.

Here are just some ideas of DSO influencer’s attributes, but you may have your own ideas:

  • Impact and influence not just their own company, but the DSO industry at large
  • Outside-the-box thinkers who have changed or introduced new processes and systems
  • Someone who saw value in aspects of their company where others had overlooked it
  • Have extraordinary business acumen
  • Impact patients in ways rarely seen or heard of
  • Exhibit vision and display entrepreneurial energy
  • Act as a driving force for innovation
  • Have well-honed leadership skills
  • Have unprecedented philanthropic interest and an unrelenting desire to serve the less-fortunate
  • Inspire positivity and bring out the best in others when facing challenges
  • Show unmatched passion, no matter how small or large the task


  • Submit a photo of your nominee in action.
  • Should work for a DSO or directly in the DSO industry.
  • Submit a description of your nominee, a detailed reason why you consider them to be an exceptional influencer, with example(s), and anything else you want to add to show the type of person they are and the impact they have made.
  • Submissions should be between 500-700 words, citing specific examples, with thorough explanations, of the nominee’s strategy and influence.
  • DSO Influencers can only win this award once.
  • Nominations by an agency will not be considered.
  • You may not nominate multiple people.
  • Nominations that are essentially an advertisement or being used as a marketing tool for a company will not be considered.
  • Email submission, including photo, to

Winners will be announced and featured
on GDN’s website and enewsletter in 2020!

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