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DentalMonitoring Expands Offering To Provide Scalable
AI-Powered Solutions For All Aligner and Braces Brands

From the company that offers the only available AI-based virtual monitoring solution for orthodontic treatment, DentalMonitoring is delivering an even more powerful solution that allow dental professionals — whether in private practices or DSOs — to take full control of not only their aligner, but now also all braces cases.

These new enhancements, to its flagship product DentalMonitoring, allows providers to track tooth movement with goals that automatically track inter arch parameters such as the overbite, overjet, transverse or class correction of patients, as well as detect the archwire and auxiliaries passivity. This, as well as other upgrades, make remote monitoring for orthodontic practices more accessible and scalable across the practice, as well as helping to streamline workflows and improve overall practice efficiencies.

DentalMonitoring has been a market leader since 2014 after it revolutionized the industry with its patented DM ScanBox and DM app that allows orthodontists and their teams to monitor their patients remotely in between in-office appointments. DentalMonitoring solutions are compatible with modalities and brands.

Reducing the need for patients to take off work to come to a practice for unnecessary appointment, the ability to answer their questions quickly by being able to view inside their mouth any time and message them through an app, boosting motivation and optimizing completion time through consistent accountability and automated reminders, and allowing patients to travel during orthodontic treatment without letting their treatment get off track are some of the advantages the DentalMonitoring solution has been able to provide DSOs with.

It also allows practices to customize their Scanbox and dashboards to retain full control over their workflow, setting protocols and goals that align and mirror their custom workflow and create a consistent patient experience within their brand. At the end of the day, DentalMonitoring has developed the right tools for DSOs to free up time and focus their teams on what’s most important with an efficient process, great communication with patients and data that helps them make the right treatment decisions. The DM platform empowers practices to find more hours in their workday, build a better dental practice, and improve their bottom line, while creating a completely new dynamic with their patients.

About DentalMonitoring:
DentalMonitoring’s promise is to help all dental professionals improve their practice efficiency, optimize orthodontic treatment plans and enhance the patient experience thanks to its virtual practice solutions:

SmileMate, maximizes lead engagement and patient conversion, with the ability for dental professionals to triage and qualify patients even before they step into the practice. Watch the Video.

DentalMonitoring, its flagship solution, monitors all treatments remotely, from aligners and braces of all brands to retention and hygiene. Book a Demo.

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