Overjet and New England Family Dentistry Partner to Bring Artificial Intelligence To Over 50 Dental Practices

New England Family Dentistry and Overjet  just announced a partnership to bring Overjet’s industry-leading dental artificial intelligence (AI) software to the dental support organization’s network of over 50 dental clinics in New England. Overjet’s Clinical Intelligence Platform combines insights from real-time dental AI analysis and existing practice management software data to support clinical and business teams.

“Our team regularly invests in training and tools to improve patient care across our network of clinics. After months of use, we were impressed by Overjet’s ability to support and guide our clinical providers which ultimately helps them deliver consistent and high quality patient care. AI has already had a great impact in businesses and medicine, and dentistry is no different. AI is the future of dentistry, and Overjet is the leader in the field. From the hygienist to the dentist to leadership, Overjet’s dental AI gives the team new data and insights to deliver the best dental care.” – Dr. Patrick Assioun, DMD, CEO of New England Family Dentistry

Overjet’s dental AI technology is built on years of R&D and testing by machine learning scientists, software engineers, and dentists. Earlier this year, Overjet received FDA clearance for its Dental Assist product, the first dental AI company to receive such a clearance. Overjet has made rapid inroads with dental insurers, counting as customers 16 major carriers who serve over 73 million Americans. The company plans for its technology to soon support shared reimbursement standards between providers and payers, solving a major pain point for dentists.

“New England Family Dentistry is at the vanguard of improving dental care. We’re honored to work with such a patient-focused and forward-thinking dental team. Our partnership is driven by a shared belief that supporting dentists with AI technology will lead to the best patient health outcomes.”- Dr. Wardah Inam, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Overjet

Today’s partnership with New England Family Dentistry comes on the heels of other significant developments for Overjet. Last month, the company announced it had raised $27 million in Series A financing to address significant customer demand and accelerate new product development.

Overjet is the global leader in dental artificial intelligence, helping both payers and providers improve patient care. In 2021, the company received FDA clearance for its Dental Assist product designed for dental practices, the first dental AI company to receive such a clearance. The company was founded by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and has assembled the largest and most seasoned team of technologists and domain experts with deep AI, dental, and insurance experience.

New England Family Dentistry (NEFD) is a premier dental group in Massachusetts with an extensive network of over 50 dental offices comprising both general and specialty dentists. The group offers preventive, restorative, cosmetic and emergency general dental care as well as orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and oral maxillofacial surgery specialties. NEFD is dedicated to ensuring its patients are being treated with the highest quality of care in partnership with doctors who are committed to improving the overall oral health of patients.

It’s been a year of rapid growth for Overjet since the company came out of stealth in 2020 with the launch of powerful dental AI software and financing from VCs that included Crosslink Capital and the MIT-affiliated E14 Fund. Built upon multiple cutting-edge computational dentistry and AI techniques pioneered by Overjet over two years of extensive R&D, Overjet’s clinical and claim intelligence platforms are already being used by some of the largest dental customers in the nation.

Founded by PhDs and leading experts from MIT and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Overjet has assembled the largest and most seasoned team of technologists and domain experts with deep AI, dental and insurance experience. Overjet’s leadership team includes Dr. Wardah Inam, PhD, CEO and cofounder; Dr. Robert Faiella, DDS, chief dental officer and former president of the American Dental Association; Deepak Ramaswamy, PhD, CTO and former Amazon executive; Dr. Chris Balaban, DMD, clinical director; and Shaju Puthussery, COO and former chief analytics officer at DentaQuest, the largest Medicaid dental benefits provider.

In recognition of Overjet’s achievements in pioneering AI-driven dentistry to improve oral health for everyone, CB Insights recently named Overjet on their List of 100 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups in the World that are redefining industries — the first time ever a company in dentistry was included on their annual AI 100.

Listen to the Group Dentistry Now Show podcast with Wardah Inam, CEO & Cofounder of Overjet, Mitch Olan, Executive Chairman of Dental Care Alliance and Dr. Seth Gibree, Senior Director of Clinical Advocay of Heartland Dental. The two large DSOs and Overjet join the audio-only podcast to discuss how AI is revolutionizing dentistry and where it will take the DSO industry in the future. This fascinating and information-packed podcast dives into the clinical and nonclinical applications for AI and how it benefits payor, provider and patients alike. The data insights and diagnostic uses are beyond exciting as AI has the ability to propel dentists into becoming even better clinicians. If you want to understand how AI is transforming dentistry, this audio-only podcast is for you!

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