PE Acquires Newly-Formed DSO and Targets Triangle of Growth

Fruition Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm, just announced the acquisition of a dental health group as the first acquisition to serve as a newly-formed dental practice management platform that will target a strategic group of general and specialty dentist practices within attractive markets in Florida.

The new platform, Divergent Partners Management Group (DPMG), will be led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Marvin Terrell. Terrell has 25+ years of senior management experience across the value chain of healthcare with a specific focus on dental. He has helped acquire, integrate and scale dental offices across the southeast for decades and previously served as COO and President of Dynamic Dental Partners Group. Having spent several years building a robust acquisition pipeline of leading dental practices in select, growing markets in Florida, Terrell has recruited a seasoned industry executive team to help execute his vision to scale DPMG.

“We are very excited about our initial platform as our partner doctors have been instrumental to implementing initiatives that will further improve employee training and patient hygiene as well as attracting additional talent and specialists who will drive superior patient care. I am equally excited about partnering with Fruition Partners as they have demonstrated their ability to add operational and financial value to our organization while being supportive of our clinical initiatives.” -Marvin Terrell, CEO & Founder, DPMG

DPMG will begin scaling by partnering with a highly respected practice group and have a robust pipeline of complementary general and specialty practice add-on acquisitions in existing and adjacent markets.

“Our initial platform is ideal given its longstanding reputation for excellent patient care and near-term ability to expand its clinical services.” -Mac Hampden, Partner & Co-Founder, Fruition Partners

DPMG is targeting the area in Florida known as the ‘triangle of growth,’ stretching from Tallahassee to Jacksonville, and south through the greater metro-Tampa area, a geographic region which has favorable demographics for general and specialty dentistry. Their focus is on the delivery of industry leading patient care through training and retaining highly skilled clinical and non-clinical teammates. Dentists who share our ‘People First’ vision and have an interest in enhancing their practice or want an orderly succession plan will benefit from a partnership with DPMG.

SOURCES: PRNewswire, Fruition Partners

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