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Today, Dental City serves over 18,000 dental practices, including buying groups and DSO’s while continuing to hold true to our roots of putting relationships and trust first. Dental City distributes a wide array of quality dental supplies at fair prices by working closely with our manufacturer partners, negotiating corporate-level savings for and providing advocacy and support for all our customers.

We are dedicated to delivering the best combination of quality products, competitive pricing, and “worry-free” service in the dental industry. On top of that, our innovative use of proprietary data tools allows us to help each customer meet their practice needs.

Dental City’s ability to integrate with customers and meet them where they are comfortable helps make practice inventory management simple. Ordering should be the easiest part of the day, so we provide a wide variety of tools to order with, to meet any practice’s ordering style, whether that be over the phone, online at, via text, using their own procurement software solution, and more.
And finally, with our group of on-site account managers, there’s always a friendly voice waiting on the other side of the phone ready to help in any way they can. Each of our account managers goes through intense product training to assure they are experts on the ins and outs of dental products and industry insights, meaning you’re working with someone who understands and can assist with the needs of a dental professional.

By recognizing the importance of relationships and trust with our customers and partners and meeting them being where they are at, we’ve seen consistent growth by building relationships one customer at time, and manufacturer by manufacturer.

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