Reduce Waste and Improve Your DSO’s Efficiency with an Innovative New Anesthetic Protocol

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Have you ever wondered why hospitals, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and family practice offices don’t use metal syringes? The answer is quite simple: patients are scared of them, and it limits them as a provider.

For years, dentists have been married to 1.7 mls of anesthetic at a time because of the lack of innovation in the delivery system. Why should dentists be limited to 1.7 mls of a cartridge on every single patient? Just think about the patient that needs 1 1/2 cartridges? What does a dental group practice do?  They have to reload the syringe (scare the patient) and waste anesthetic (inefficiency).  Dental cartridges and syringes are extremely limiting and seemingly designed to be wasteful. This leads to inefficiency in your DSO and increased cost on your organization. That is, until now.

Anutra Medical’s newest innovation in anesthetic protocol is Anutra AnyDose® – a multi-dose option.  It was created to give the dental industry the ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency by using multi-dose vials and an innovative delivery syringe.

Anutra AnyDose® utilizes the Anutra Syringe®, or any luer lock syringe, to draw up exactly what dose is required under your anesthetic protocol. Best of all is how easy it is to use. (See training video below.)  The Anutra syringe also reduces fear in patients.  #1 fear for patients continues to be the fear of injection.  (Please see video below.)  No matter how much providers attempt to hide the BIG METAL syringe, or use computerized systems that force patients to have a needle hanging out of their mouth, the true answer is a far less intimidating solution that allows for multiple injections at one time.  The Anutra Syringe.

Anutra’s mission is to develop innovation in anesthetic protocol focusing on reducing fear for the patient and maximizing clinical work-flow.

Anutra AnyDose® can be upgraded to the Anutra Delivery System to bring the science of buffering to your dental support organization for maximum patient satisfaction. Learn why Dr. Michael Riccobene uses Anutra and how to maximize your dental group practice efficiencies while minimizing patient discomfort with the buffering anesthetics.

Learn why children no longer need to fear getting an injection:

Anutra Medical AnyDose® Training Video:

Learn more benefits of Anutra AnyDose®:

Hear what Michael Riccobene, DDS, Founder & CEO of
Riccobene Associates thinks of Anutra products
and how they are benefiting his DSO:

For more information, visit Anutra Medical or
email and ask for a free no
obligation trial implementing Anutra in a test office.

We are that confident that you will want this revolutionary
local anesthetic delivery in all of your DSO’s practices.

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