Six-part mini-series humanizes dental care by highlighting the daily life and experiences of DSO dentist owners

MB2 Dental Solutions, a dental management organization with over 70 affiliated locations in six states, has launched a new video series entitled, “We Are Dentistry,” which allows viewers to see the full picture of the dentists that care for them. Produced in a shortened documentary style, the episodes aim to capture the daily life of the people who work in dentistry, by portraying the passions, struggles, and experiences that shape them. Video production teams go on-site to the dentists’ homes and communities, thus providing insight into their daily rhythms.  A new episode will be released each month for six months.

“By telling the story behind the white coat, we are able to humanize dental care,” said Dr. Chris Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental. “We let the central doctor in each piece lead the pace and depth of the video production and what we ended up with is a very organic mini-series of stories about real people.”

Dr. Joseph Dove

One video features Dr. Joseph Dove, from Memphis, TN, who wanted to be a pro wrestler before entering dental school.  He is an exemplary example of the dental community and the values that anchor the industry. Outside of the office you can find him strapped into boxing gloves, cruising the streets of Memphis on his motorcycle, or surrounded by family and friends enjoying Dr. Dove’s versions of his favorite traditional Jamaican dishes. This Tennessee dentist has a huge heart and spends his time volunteering at local community programs to give back to the local neighborhoods reminiscent of those that were a part of his childhood. His philosophy is all about enjoying life and giving back to the less fortunate members of the community. Dr. Dove says, “You have to go back, because there is somebody behind you. And there is somebody in front of you who paved the way.  So either way it goes, you need to be involved.”  His inspiring video can be watched below.

Dr. Mary Courtin

Another video in the six-part series features Dr. Mary Courtin and her family-oriented practice. The video describes how she tries to balance her life with three kids under six-years old, seven dogs with multiple litters, her commitment to her own health and fitness through running, and marriage, all while practicing dentistry and being a business owner. Watch the video below.



Dr. Rishank Korupolu

MB2 Dental Solutions has also recently announced the opening of its new affiliate office for Picasso Dental + Orthodontics in Seagoville, Texas.  The new Picasso office is led by Dr. Rishank Korupolu (Dr. K) who has been practicing dentistry for four years. While attending dental school at the University of Southern California, Dr. K discovered his passion for treating children by volunteering at the mobile dental clinics. He then completed a selective pediatric and general dentistry externship at the La Maestra Community Health Clinic in San Diego.

Source: PR Newswire, YouTube, MB2