Sixteen Location Pediatric Dental Group Gets Strategic Growth Investment

Access to oral health care continues to be a significant issue not only within California but across the country. Amulet Capital Partners, LP, a healthcare private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, recently announced that it has formed CC Amulet Management, LLC,  to provide business and practice management services to Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care, a California-based dental services provider focused on delivering care to children, infants, adolescents and those with special needs.

CC Amulet Management will be headquartered in Sacramento, California, and offer business and practice management services to dental practices that serve pediatric patients through both commercial and state/federal-assisted programs across 16 practice locations throughout California. These dental practices are located in San Diego, Glendora, Oxnard, Livermore, San Francisco, Vacaville, Yuba City, Lincoln and Sacramento. The CEO and Founder of Children’s Choice, Dr. Jeffrey Saladin, will continue to own and run the day-to-day operations of Children’s Choice and will be a significant shareholder.