SmileDirectClub Teams Up With DECA Dental

In August, 2020, we annnounced that SmileDirectClub, the oral care company with the first telehealth platform for teeth straightening, had partnered with Smile Brands Inc. and its 450 affiliated dental practices across 18 states to allow consumers to begin their SmileDirectClub journey in the dentist chair. Now, SmileDirectClub has partnered with Texas-based DSO, DECA Dental, and its more than 100 affiliated dental practices.

The partnership with DECA Dental advances the SmileDirectClub Partner Network, the company’s direct-to-office model that allows consumers a third option, in addition to the company’s SmileShops and doctor-prescribed impression kits, to begin clear aligner treatment using SmileDirectClub’s innovative and easy to use telehealth platform.

The benefits to joining the SmileDirectClub Partner Network for emerging dental groups and DSOs include:

  • Easy, turnkey process.
  • No cost to be a participating practice.
  • No lab fees, no case management, and no additional chair time or appointments to schedule following initial consultation.
  • A smooth integration into your office’s workflow.
  • 3rd-party financing and collections.
  • Ability to leverage SmileDirectClub’s brand and marketing.
  • Access to SmileDirectClub’s referral network for patients needing dental work.
  • New opportunities for existing patients.
  • Opportunity to increase your in-office conversion rates.

“Our partnership with DECA Dental is a win for consumers in Texas as it will offer them many new locations throughout the State to access SmileDirectClub clear aligner treatment. SmileDirectClub continues to focus on partnering with the dental community to increase access to innovative oral care, and we’re pleased to join with DECA Dental in this effort. Our growing Partner Network, now extended to more than 600 dental practices across the U.S., gives consumers yet another choice on how they can get started on their teledentistry journey, and access a more cost effective, efficacious and safe premium teeth straightening solution.” -David Katzman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at SmileDirectClub

The partnership will enable DECA Dental’s affiliated doctors to offer SmileDirectClub clear aligner treatment, with a 3D scan or physical impression performed in the office and treatment completed using the SDC telehealth platform.

Through their cutting-edge teledentistry technology and vertically integrated model, SmileDirectClub is revolutionizing the oral care industry, from clear aligner therapy to their affordable, premium oral care product line. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and operating in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Singapore, SmileDirectClub’s mission is to democratize access to a smile each and every person loves by making it affordable and convenient for everyone.

The partnerships with DSOs like DECA Dental and Smile Brands provide customers with a third option to get started on their SmileDirectClub journey, including:

  1. with a 3D scan or dental impression performed at a SmileDirectClub Partner Network affiliated practice;
  2. at one of SmileDirectClub’s SmileShops;
  3. or with a doctor-prescribed at-home impression kit.

Regardless of how a customer’s journey begins, treatment is prescribed and monitored remotely by state-licensed dentists and orthodontists from start to finish using SmileDirectClub’s pioneering teledentistry platform.

“DECA Dental and our world-class team of dentists and orthodontists are proud to partner with SmileDirectClub to increase access to affordable teeth-straightening options across the state of Texas.  As a clinician-founded and led organization, it is fundamental to DECA Dental’s core belief that all clinical decisions should be made by a dentist and that dentists should have full autonomy in deciding the best treatment options for their patients. Our partnership with SmileDirectClub is directly related to our goal as a company: to embrace innovative clinical systems that empower our dental practices to operate efficiently while providing the highest quality oral care to our patients.” -Dr. Sulman Ahmed, Founder & CEO of DECA Dental

Since launching in the U.S. in 2014, SmileDirectClub has become one of the fastest-growing health technology companies and the fastest-growing teledentistry provider, serving over one million customers around the world.

In the coming months, the SmileDirectClub Partner Network
will be open to DSOs and practices of any size.

Visit to complete the
short form and the SDC team will reach out with next steps.

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