9 Brilliant Social Media Tips for High-Growth DSOs

Social Media Management for High-Growth DSOs

When managed efficiently social media is one of the most effective marketing strategies to find new patients, reactivate inactive patients, and build a dental brand. 

Dental practices that consistently post to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok connect with patients in a highly authentic way, which helps practices to increase patient referrals, strengthen social proof, and stay locally relevant. 

The DSO and Group Practice Dilemma

Managing a DSO social media campaign can become extremely time intensive, begging the question “We’re spending a lot of time on social media, why are we even doing this?” In an effort to improve the ROI of dental social media, DSOs will streamline social media tasks at risk of their posts becoming boring, inconsistent, non-engaging, and ineffective.

Therein is the dilemma:

How can you produce engaging content that boosts patient referrals, while simplifying the process to minimize confusion, friction, and cost?

The Solution is the Right Publishing Software

Software will make or break a dental social media marketing campaign. The right software will cut labor costs, reduce friction, help practice locations create authentic content, and stay consistent. The wrong software (or lack of) increases labor costs, creates friction, and causes confusion.

DSOs, group-practices, and dental marketing agencies use The Dental Publisher to manage social media campaigns. It’s an enterprise level software built specifically for dental organizations.

9 Reasons to Choose The Dental Publisher?

1. Pricing that Doesn’t Increase with Number of Users or Linked Accounts

Most social media software systems are priced according to the total number of users with access and/or the social media accounts connected for each location in the system. This becomes an expensive and burdensome cost as high growth DSOs add locations.

An example would be a DSO with five practice locations and each location publishes to Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. When the DSO attempts to publish to Google Business Profiles, TikTok, or X (Twitter) there is a price increase. Eventually the cost becomes exorbitant. 

Another example would be adding another user to the platform. Many software companies will increase the monthly cost with more users, which becomes costly considering that many DSOs will require many users to govern the campaign.

The Dental Publisher does not charge extra for the number of linked social media accounts nor the number of users. It’s unlimited! 

2. Flexible Permissions for Any Corporate Structure 

You may want your practice locations to create content and publish it themselves. Or, you may want practice locations to submit content to a corporate marketing manager for publishing. Or, you may not want your practices involved in any way. However you want to structure your social media workflows you’ll need the ability to set permissions. 

Permissions allow for individual team members to participate at the permission level they are given. Having flexible permission capabilities allows you to set things up in a simple structure and also make changes on the fly. 

For example, if your locations are publishing themselves and you want to remove publishing capabilities and hand them over to your corporate marketing manager or vice versa, it can be done with a few clicks of a button in The Dental Publisher.

3. Streamlined Approval, Rejection, and Publication Capabilities 

Some DSOs cobble together social media workflows using several softwares. You’ll want to reduce friction and duplication of effort by approving, rejecting, and publishing content within a single streamlined software.

Here is where it gets hairy. One of your practice locations creates a post and uploads the post to a shared Google doc with the corporate marketing manager. From there the marketing manager downloads the content and reuploads it to another system for publishing. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but if you have to do it fifty times a week, your marketing manager will pull her hair out because she just wasted a day of valuable time.

What you want is one piece of software where content is submitted, approved, rejected, scheduled, posted, and allows for fluid back and forth communication among all team members within the system. 

The Dental Publisher does this through a two-way calendar system. Anyone with permissions can upload content into the system. From there the person(s) with permissions can view, approve, deny, and publish in a couple clicks. 

A streamlined, frictionless workflow is a lifesaver and necessary to stay consistent and effective with social media marketing. 

4. A Content Library That’s Fully Compliant with Copyright Laws

The Dental Publisher has the largest library of dental specific images, educational posts, gifs, memes, AI generated images, trending content in the world, and it’s fully compliant.

A large dental content library with full publishing rights will help your marketing manager find and publish content quickly. It will also keep you out of copyright infringement issues. Content found in a Google search may put your organization at risk of a lawsuit. A single practice downloading images off the internet may fly under the radar but a growing DSO will eventually get caught.

5. Publishing to All Social Media Accounts, Instagram Stories, & GBP

You’ll want a software solution that integrates with all social media platforms. Google Business Profiles, Instagram and Instagram Stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and X (Twitter), are all available in The Dental Publisher. 

Although your dental practices Google Business Profiles are not social media platforms you have the ability to publish to them like a social media platform. When done consistently over time you’ll find that your dental SEO rankings will improve, specifically on the Google map.

6. Integration of ChatGPT for Speed and Improving Creativity

Writing captions requires thought and creativity, which means time. The integration of ChatGPT into The Dental Publisher for writing captions improves creativity and speeds up the publishing process. 

ChatGPT’s integration allows you to write ten captions at a time. You can use one of the captions today and the others you can schedule later using the two-way calendar. The integration writes each caption with the correct character lengths and can include suggested hashtags and emojis.

A great use-case is announcing an upcoming event where you’ll want to publish several times over a specific time period. Each caption will be written differently and scheduled in one sitting.

7. Increased Awareness Auto-assigned Hashtag Groups

Using hashtags with your posts allows for hyper-local targeting. Hashtags are often overlooked but they’re one of the best ways to increase your local reach and stay relevant. 

The Dental Publisher allows for each practice location to have its own local hashtag group. When a post is scheduled, the hashtags are automatically assigned, removing the task of copying and pasting the hashtags to each post. 

The upshot of location specific hashtags is more reach, awareness, and effectiveness. Using The Dental Publisher hashtag capabilities requires no extra step and increases reach.

8. Monitoring and Responding to Comments and Direct Messages

Almost always overlooked is responding to comments on a social media post. Yet it’s one of the most effective ways to let each patient know that your practice cares about them. It strengthens patient relations and encourages lifetime value. 

In addition, when you respond to a patient’s comment it sends a signal to the social media platform that you’re engaged on the platform and the post will be highlighted in more feeds, which increases impressions with the family and friends of the person you responded to.

Comments, direct messages, and engagement is displayed in The Dental Publisher which provides simple monitoring and responding to patients. This task can be managed by any team member with the correct permissions. 

9. Measure Content Effectiveness with Social Stats

How well is your content being received? What type of content is getting the most engagement? Are your followers increasing? Are posts about your patients and team members getting more views than posts about service discounts? How many direct messages did you receive last month and are they being responded to? Answers to these questions will help your marketing manager direct future content decisions.

You’ll be glad to know that all of these statistics and many more are integrated into The Dental Publisher, which makes reporting and decision making simple and easy. 

Bonus! Maintain Brand Consistency with Canva Integration

The Dental Publisher’s integration with Canva offers an efficient solution for dental marketers to craft, manage, and publish social media content that is consistent with their dental website design and practice brand. Canva integration mitigates the risks of posting errors, facilitates seamless design adjustments, and ensures consistent branding. If you happen to have a graphic designer on hand, they can use this integration to brand content quickly.

Furthermore, it eliminates the need to search across multiple platforms for graphics and consolidates designs tasks. Canva integration reduces friction, streamlines processes, and reduces workload.

Conclusion: Do It Like The Pros

My Social Practice has been managing dental social media campaigns for 13 years and has helped more than 7,000 dental practices run successful campaigns. The Dental Publisher is designed specifically to manage multiple locations with ease. It’s the perfect solution for DSOs, group practices, or marketing agencies looking for a white-labeled social media marketing solution.

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