Success, built for group practices of all sizes

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Group practices nationwide are discovering the same thing: Patterson Dental’s group dentistry offering is for real. As more and more group practices select Patterson as their distribution partner, they are finding a business model that’s built for their success.

More importantly, they’re finding an infrastructure that’s capable of transitioning and onboarding their practice, regardless of how any locations they have – as evidenced by the smooth transition of the largest group in the country.

“We have been impressed with how thoughtfully Patterson onboarded all of our locations,” said Brandon Belford, vice president of procurement at Heartland Dental. “Within weeks, we had placed more than 10,000 orders with Patterson, and that was only possible because of the infrastructure Patterson has in place.” Patterson has an entire team dedicated to building and executing a transition plan for group practices – and expands the team as necessary based on each practice’s unique needs. Combined with an innovative distribution and service infrastructure, it makes the transition seamless for group practices.

Beyond having the infrastructure to support large group practices, Patterson offers a number of compelling reasons to switch distribution partners. Chief among them is an industry-leading service and support model, spearheaded by local branches nationwide. The extensive support infrastructure Patterson has built comes from a 140-year history of focusing on customer service.

It starts with local, in-office technical support from service technicians headquartered in local branches. Since these highly skilled, manufacturer-trained teams are nearby, service is always prompt. There’s also the Patterson Technology Center, a 100,000-square-foot contact hub staffed with hundreds of support specialists available via phone, email and online chat.

Every member of the Patterson team is dedicated to a smooth transition, ensuring that the business impact of a change in distribution partners is minimal. The result is effective change management – little to lose, and a great deal to gain. That’s something every group practice can get behind.

Find your local Patterson branch to learn more about how your unique practice can benefit.