The Membership Plan Behind a 20% Surge in Case Acceptance

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Night & Day Dental, a ten-location dental group located in North Carolina, focuses on a truly patient-centered experience striving for ultimate convenience for their patients. They focus on meeting patients where they are at with a business model that features extended hours, late evenings, and weekends allowing patients to get access to the care they need when they need it, and oftentimes it’s emergency care.

Prior to working with Membersy, Night & Day Dental offered an in-house membership plan, but suffered from some of the common problems of in-house plan administration.

“Ledger entries were a big pain point for us with the in-house membership plan. Member benefits weren’t properly documented, which caused a lot of variation in what each member received in terms of their benefits and care,” said Stephanie Jeffers, COO at Night & Day Dental. “On top of the challenges we had with execution, I don’t think our enrollment fees were affordable, which made it unattractive for our patients to even consider.”

Once Stephanie recognized the problems with the in-house plan, she quickly thought of Membersy as a solution to the problem. Stephanie had previously worked with Membersy at another DSO, and based on that experience, pursuing a professionally managed plan with Membersy again was a no-brainer.

Laying a Foundation for Success

When it came time to onboard and implement the new Night & Day Dental Membership Plan across their ten locations, Stephanie took a very hands-on approach to ensure the plan was successful right out of the gate.

“I preheated the oven with our business leaders and key stakeholders responsible for driving the plan. We talked about it considerably, keeping it top of mind for the team leading up to the launch,” said Stephanie. “Our Customer Success Manager at Membersy did an amazing job talking about the membership plan and sharing what was in it for both the overall care of our patients and our practices. This teamwork created a great balance for aligning our leadership team’s expectations in making sure that we deliver this great solution to our patients. We were able to hit the ground running; it was a flawless execution.”

A Trusted Support Team

Night & Day Dental is just coming up on their one-year anniversary of working with Membersy, and over the course of their first year they have seen over 2,000 member enrollments in the plan.

“Our philosophy with the plan is, ‘every patient, every time’. We want to make sure that dental care is affordable for all patients, and we strive for them to become an established patient that gets out of the habit of having that one-tooth visit so that we are able to provide comprehensive care at a more affordable price,” said Stephanie about ingraining the membership plan as a part of the culture at Night & Day. “It’s a matter of practice, drill, and repeat making sure that the team is presenting the plan to patients in a way that makes it really hard to turn down.”

While the Night & Day team excels at providing the plan as an option for patients, they know they can also count on Membersy to support both their staff and their members.

“Another thing that has contributed to us maintaining momentum with our plan throughout the full year has been the fact that while our teams in the office have so many things on their plate, the membership plan isn’t one of them. Simply, all the staff has to do is present and hand the information to the patient, and the patient can grab their phone and enroll in the plan right there in the office,” said Stephanie. “If the office staff is busy or the patient isn’t able to sign up on their phone, the support team at Membersy is only a phone call away and can help enroll the patient over the phone right then and there.”

Membersy takes the marketing burden off dental groups by creating print materials that can be handed to patients in-office, providing easy enrollment of the plan through a branded website, and access to an online dashboard making it easy for both staff and members to keep track of their plan.

“The partnership is seamless. The customer service that our team receives from Membersy makes it very easy for our teams to want to participate, and at the end of the day we have healthier patients as a result,” said Stephanie.

Oftentimes dental organizations might be a little apprehensive to the work or change management they have to deal with to implement a new membership plan, but in reality, “With the right partner, it’s just really simplistic,” explained Stephanie.

Proven Results

Stephanie estimates that over 80% of Night & Day’s cash paying patients enroll in the membership plan. Patients who have enrolled in the membership plan are in turn accepting more treatment because the discounts help make their care more affordable. Stephanie also added that the membership plan has aided in a 20% increase in treatment case acceptance rates.

The right membership plan administrator makes all the difference in achieving these results.

“I think we are a very small fish in your growing pond, but nobody makes anyone here feel that way,” says Jeffers. “Whether it’s the patient or our front desk staff on the phone, everyone feels very important to your organization, making it easy and fulfilling to work with you.”

Empower Your Uninsured Patients with Membersy

Your patients shouldn’t have to rely on complicated dental insurance — and neither should your business. Membersy can help you design, implement, and administer a dental membership plan that fuels growth and scales with your practice. Connect with Membersy today to see how you can unlock your earning potential and empower your patients with an affordable option to get the dental care they need.