Three Cs to Unlocking Organic Growth in DSOs

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By Jeff Barsotti, CEO at RecallMax™

In this article, Jeff Barsotti, CEO of RecallMax™, highlights that coordination, centralization, and consistency are the three main principles that contribute to the success of a dental practice in terms of organic growth and an improved patient journey. Organic growth is an important aspect of the dental industry, particularly for group practices and DSOs. The article delves into how these principles can be implemented to create a more efficient and effective system for patient care and management, leading to better long-term growth and development of the practices.

Coordination From the Ground Up

For dental practices, focusing on continuing care is an essential strategy to ensure a steady patient flow. Having patients fill dental chairs and frequently return for their hygiene and restorative appointments is where organic growth comes from. That means it’s important for groups and DSOs to invest in their front desk as they are the beginning and end of the patient’s journey. However, the complexity and time-consuming nature of practice management (PM) systems can make it challenging to guarantee high-quality care and efficient scheduling. This results in a significant number of patients slipping out the back door without receiving proper continued care.

Coordination between the different levels of a dental group or DSO is crucial to achieving success. It’s important to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and that processes are optimized across all locations. Regional and corporate managers have a broader view of the business, but they must also understand the daily routines and challenges faced by front desk staff. Dental office managers can act as a bridge between the two levels, as they have a better understanding of daily operations while also being responsible for providing performance analytics to their regional managers. Effective communication and collaboration between all levels of the organization are key to achieving organic growth and providing excellent patient care.

Multiple Practices, One Recall System.

Implementing a centralized recall system within your dental practices comes with many benefits. The first is that a recall system maximizes efficiency and productivity at the front desk. Software such as RecallMax™ makes it easy and efficient to get patients through the doors of the practice. With over 150 years of combined dental experience at RecallMax™, the software was designed by dental professionals, for dental professionals, giving it a unique position in the marketplace. By understanding the difficulties and struggles within the dental industry, RecallMax™ has developed some key features within the software to optimize patient retention, such as short-notice cancellations, unscheduled treatment, and hygiene and recall management. These are considered three essential areas for growth along with optimizing patient engagement. Years of tracking more than 80 million patient responses per year prove that when a patient is personally engaged, practices get 5 times the scheduling result. RecallMax™ makes it easy for the front desk to reach the patients that are most likely to respond and encourages them to be proactive rather than reactive. By empowering the front desk, the results will follow.

By having a centralized recall system in place, group and DSO managers can easily monitor the performance of their practices in real time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that can maximize patient retention and profitability across all locations. RecallMax™ Enterprise dashboards provide a comprehensive view of all the important metrics and KPIs, allowing managers to quickly identify areas for improvement and implement targeted solutions. With this level of transparency and control, managers can ensure that their practices are performing optimally and delivering the highest quality of care to their patients.

Technology brings consistency.

The dental industry is continuously evolving, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing the patient experience. When it comes to organic growth one of the biggest benefits of leveraging technology is gaining consistency across all areas. That means consistency in the activities, tasks, and processes carried out at the practice level, right the way to the consistency in the evaluation and performance reporting at the regional manager and corporate level. With RecallMax™, detailed onboarding and training are provided across all areas of the business to ensure that staff understands how to use the software for success. This helps provide a consistent training program so that Groups and DSOs see consistent results.

RecallMax™ Platinum is a comprehensive and valuable solution for groups and DSOs looking to improve their recall system and patient retention strategy. With premium support, coaching, and access to advanced training and education programs, as well as analytical dashboards providing actionable data and visibility of key metrics, RecallMax™ Platinum offers a holistic approach to dental practice management. Scheduling a demo can be a great way to learn more about the software and determine if it is the right fit for your organization.

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