4 Tips to Increase AI Adoption in your DSO

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way dental practices operate. AI-powered analysis of dental X-rays offers a range of benefits including improved diagnostic decisions, faster appointments, and increased treatment acceptance rates.

The applications for AI in dentistry keep growing. For example, Overjet is FDA-cleared for detecting and outlining dental decay on bitewings and periapical radiographs for patients aged 12 and over. It also quantifies bone level measurements, which can help with diagnosing periodontal disease and providing dental insurers with evidence of radiographic bone loss.

If you’re considering implementing AI for dental X-rays and clinical insights in your DSO, here are the top 4 tips to increase adoption:

1. Involve dentists in the vetting process.

When selecting an AI-powered dental X-ray solution, involve some of the dentists who will be using the technology in their practices. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities AI can bring to their workflow and provide valuable feedback on the best way to implement for success.

2. Have AI power users share their experience with other dentists.

It can be as simple as having a dentist record on an iPhone how the AI technology has helped make their job easier. For example, have the dentist share the original X-ray, the X-ray with the AI annotations, and then what the tooth looked like.

The same can be done with other team members, including hygienists, dental assistants, and front desk team members. It resonates when colleagues share how the AI made a difference, and how they’ve integrated the technology into their workflow.

3. Provide comprehensive training.

AI providers like Overjet provide training as part of their commitment to customer service. Another key to success is to appoint a training champion inside the dental group who can answer questions and provide additional support as team members are learning the new technology. That will ensure the team is comfortable and confident using the AI technology and will improve efficiency.

4. Monitor usage and provide feedback.

Once you have implemented AI-powered radiograph analysis, it’s important to monitor usage. This can help identify areas where additional training may be needed or where the technology is not being used to its full potential.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, analyzing X-rays in real time to draw the dentist’s attention to areas that may require a closer look. Overjet’s AI technology also does an 18-month review of prior X-rays and syncs with the practice management system to help identify potential treatment needs.

To learn how Overjet can help your DSO,
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