DSO Shares How AI Increases Restorative, Perio Treatment

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Platinum Dental Services integrated Overjet’s AI for dental X-ray analysis and clinical insights into its 26 practices in 2022 – and immediately saw success.

In this interview, Vince Dilley, the founder and CEO of Platinum Dental Services, shares the difference AI has made with their providers, practices, and patients.

“Perio-to-Prophy Ratio Highest It’s Ever Been”

Overjet’s artificial intelligence technology is FDA-cleared to detect calculus and quantify bone level measurements. It adds metrics that help providers determine the level of periodontal disease and help patients visualize how the infection is deteriorating the bone supporting their teeth.

“It’s been awesome for hygiene,” said Dilley. “The hygienists and doctors are empowered by the data and feel more confident in their conversations with patients. It’s helpful for the patients to see their bone levels and calculus. We’re performing more perio treatments than ever before because patients now understand why treatment is needed.”

Restorative Case Acceptance Increased

In addition to helping with periodontal treatment acceptance, the AI findings are also increasing restorative case acceptance. The reason is two-fold:

  1. The AI findings help dentists detect decay.
  2. Overjet is FDA-cleared to outline decay, which helps patients understand how much of the tooth is impacted. It’s a powerful patient motivator.

Overjet also reviews 18 months of radiographs from prior visits and identifies potential treatment needs. The clinical insights help providers plan their day and prepare for each patient more effectively.

5-Star Patient Reviews

When patients can see what their doctor sees, it elevates the level of trust that patients have in their provider.

“Patients love it,” said Dilley. “They’re even posting about it online.”

One 5-star review for Platinum Dental’s Mountain View practice said, “They now have A.I. technology that scans for cavities. They were able to find mine under some fillings that I had. I’m still blown away by this.”

Leveraging AI Across Departments

Platinum Dental is leveraging other data points surfaced by Overjet’s AI technology, including in some ways it didn’t anticipate.

  • The Clinical team references the AI findings when mentoring new doctors, which helps develop the associates’ confidence in their clinical and case presentation skills. 
  • The Call Center team reaches out to patients after doctors have confirmed the AI findings and identified them as having potential treatment needs.
  • The Administrative team can optimize the schedule after doctors have confirmed the AI findings of prior visits and identified patients who may be eligible for same-day treatment.
  • The Hygiene team can identify which patients may be due for X-rays or periodontal charting based on data the AI has analyzed in the patient charts, and who may qualify for periodontal treatment based on the AI analysis and doctors’ diagnosis.
  • The Revenue Cycle team can include images showing the AI findings with claim submissions. They can also review reports showing patients who may have had certain procedures mis-coded or incorrectly billed.

“Our goal is to elevate patient care by ensuring our affiliated practices have the best technology in the industry,” said Dilley.

“Overjet’s AI gives dentists a powerful diagnostic tool to use in their clinical decision-making and enables more collaborative treatment planning between specialists and general dentists. It also helps fill a pervasive gap of mentoring for younger doctors. That’s impactful support.”

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