Top 5 Takeaways After Implementing Dental AI

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When Great Lakes Dental Partners started evaluating dental AI companies for radiograph analysis, clinical accuracy was at the top of the list.

The dental support organization has 35 affiliated practices in the Midwest and provides general dentistry and specialty services.

“We looked at a number of different options with AI, and piloted a few options before selecting Overjet,” said Charlie Zasso, DDS, the Chief Dental Officer at Great Lakes Dental Partners.

Here are the top 5 takeaways the group discovered after implementing Overjet:

  1. Improves clinical consistency and reduces decision fatigue
  2. Enhances patient communication and co-discovery
  3. Increases case acceptance and confidence in the treatment plan
  4. Provides clinical insights used to design mentoring and educational programs
  5. Organizes the day better by analyzing radiographs from prior visits and cross-referencing with the practice management system to identify potential treatment opportunities

“The AI really makes people’s day easier, so it’s a tool they want to use,” said Dr. Zasso.

Improve Clinical Consistency and Reduce Decision Fatigue

Overjet’s FDA-cleared artificial intelligence analyzes X-rays in real time, detecting decay and quantifying bone level measurements. It adds color to traditional X-rays to draw the eye to areas where there are potential pathology indicators.

“It saves time and reduces the decision fatigue you can have looking at different gradations of gray on an X-ray,” said Dr. Zasso.

“Overjet will give you the same results, regardless if it’s the Friday of a holiday weekend or the Monday morning after the Super Bowl,” Dr. Zasso explained.

The doctor remains the decision-maker, but the AI helps them know where to focus attention.

Enhance Patient Communication & Co-Discovery

Even doctors who are excellent diagnosticians say that Overjet helps them communicate better with patients.

“It really gives them a beautiful aid. It colorizes the decay and shows where the decay has penetrated through to the dentin. That helps patients understand the urgency and the priority of why you’re recommending treatment,” said Dr. Zasso.

Rather than telling them what you see, the patients can see it for themselves. Some doctors even have patients point to where the decay or bone loss is displayed, leading them in co-discovery. The AI makes it easier for patients to take an active role in determining their health.

Increase Case Acceptance & Confidence

 While patients may not be able to read traditional X-rays, they can see the decay colored in red or orange, and they can see where the bone level measurement numbers are higher or lower. Overjet’s solution provides an objective second-opinion, and helps build confidence in the doctor’s diagnosis.

Overjet also reviews X-rays taken during the previous 18 months and the clinician can pull them up and compare the findings with the new radiographs. That helps patients to understand the progression of disease over time.

“The ease of communication with patients and the additional confidence it gives them in the diagnosis makes their decision to move forward with treatment a little easier,” said Dr. Zasso.

Develop Mentoring & Educational Programs

It can be hard to manually audit patient charts and identify opportunities for mentoring and continuing education. Artificial intelligence algorithms can automate chart audits. The goal is not to diagnose more, but to help diagnose more accurately.

“It provides more insight for our leadership team so we can design educational support and tracks for recently onboarded doctors,” explained Dr. Zasso.

Many dental practices also host lunch-and-learn meetings where they will discuss a patient’s radiograph without the AI findings, and then with the AI annotations. It helps them calibrate their diagnostic approaches.

Organize the Day Better with AI

Since Overjet’s AI integrates with both the digital imaging system and the practice management system, it can cross-reference the findings. It can identify patients who may be due for radiographs or perio charting, identify potential decay or bone loss that has not been previously diagnosed, and display the findings on a Daily Patients dashboard.

“It’s a fabulous morning huddle tool to help us organize our day,” said Dr. Zasso. “It organizes treatment opportunities from prior visits, and helps optimize the schedule.”

Artificial intelligence in dentistry continues to advance as more models are created. Just as the cell phone revolutionized telecommunications, AI-powered radiograph analysis is revolutionizing healthcare. It gives providers a powerful tool to aid in diagnosis, patient communication, and operations.

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