What Really is the Cost of Your Equipment? Is Twice the Price, Twice the Product?

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Direct Answers from an US Manufacturing Company of Dental Equipment

Dental Service Organizations do provide essential services in the dental care industry, their business model and corporate structures allow the dental professionals to be more efficient and effective in the operation of their offices, and therefore offer better treatment for their patients. Included in this business model is the need of reliable dental equipment that is user friendly for maintenance and modest repairs. User-friendly dental equipment indicates a simple design, therefore, confirming reliability and in final analysis positively affecting the bottom line. 

The “True Cost of Dental Equipment” must be evaluated in respect to serviceability, user maintenance, reliability and most of all warranty. Warranty will affirm the quality of the equipment based upon the manufacturers expectations of lifespan as they are the actual producer of the products. 

Specific factors do weigh in on the cost of ownership of dental equipment, including but not limited to, availability of parts under warranty, easy and user-friendly service and maintenance with availability of knowledgeable support staff. 

“Beware of the low-cost lure,” an easy statement to make when you are selling the equipment and not concerned about maintaining a budget for a de novo or expansion office. We are all aware if you pay twice the price for dental equipment it does not guarantee twice the lifespan, nor resulting in twice the profit for the dental office. 

Proper research on the equipment manufacturer, how long in business, do they have experience with Dental Service Organizations, do they have a strong support system for maintenance and is it cost effective and efficient, are all valid considerations when choosing an equipment manufacturer. Does the equipment manufacturer support department use advanced technology in working with DSO’s maintenance needs i.e., easy Internet Parts System, Facetime and Video conferencing.

Well-made American manufactured dental equipment, using parts from U.S. manufacturers with decades of experience in engineering, machine, assembly and support are key elements that should be considered in your decision-making process. We are all aware no matter what you pay for equipment there will always be maintenance and support needed, the key factor is a timely response to requests for assistance and availability of parts and knowledge. 

The truth is “not all dental equipment is created equal, is correct”! However, if a company has been in the dental industry for over 50 years they do know how to manufacture dental equipment and the reality of working with a “Factory Direct” manufacturer of dental equipment does prove to save money, no middleman, and the ability to work directly with the manufacturer to resolve any potential issues, instead of a third parties with limited knowledge on the equipment. 

If you do require maintenance and service parts:

  • How easy are they to obtain?
  • Does the manufacturer have an easy-to-use website with maintenance and service parts readily available?
  • Do you have to go through a series of persons and techs to ascertain the issues and wait for the part?
  • Can you install the parts yourself without the loss of warranty because an unauthorized person installed the parts?

Dansereau has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing a full line of quality dental products and making them available directly to the dentist.  Their products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., and Dansereau is committed to becoming your equipment choice for the life of your practice.

Is the dental equipment well-built and thoughtfully designed? 

ANSWER: Dansereau Dental has designed the simplest of dental equipment in the dental industry and because they are the manufacturer, accommodations can be made at the factory level for individual specification requirements and specific operations. 

Will it help improve clinic efficiencies? 

ANSWER: Dansereau Dental manufactures their equipment from raw steel to finished products which would allow you to adapt their chairs and delivery systems allowing you to create your own efficiencies. 

Will it stand the test of time? 

ANSWER: Dansereau Dental has been manufacturing and selling direct to the end user, Dentists, for over 50 years and offer the best 10-year parts warranty in the dental industry, this in itself would guarantee their equipment will ” Stand the Test of Time”. 

Is maintenance easy? 

ANSWER: Dansereau Dental has a series of videos and documents that allow for office staff to maintain the equipment proactively, as well they have a very active and easy to use parts website with easy-to-use pictures and information for ordering maintenance parts. 

Is the warranty strong? 

ANSWER: Dansereau Dental has the best warranty in the dental industry – 10 years. 

All these questions are answered completely by choosing to work with Dansereau Dental, Warranty, Made In the USA, 50 Years’ Experience, DSO Experience, Active Parts Website and Knowledgeable Staff with Answers when you need them. 

Consider Dansereau Working for you as your best choice in US Made Dental Equipment Companies.

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