Intentional Growth Drives DCA to Surpass 400 Allied Practices

DSO Spotlight

Dental Care Alliance (DCA) announces that it has surpassed 400 allied practices, the result of the leading DSO’s strategic efforts to affiliate with best-in-class doctors and teams that build market density to expand geographical reach and serve the lifetime needs of patients across all dental disciplines. With the number of new allied locations added, including entrance into the state of Tennessee, 2022 was one of DCA’s most successful years in its 30+ year history.

Founded in 1991, by Dr. Steve Matzkin with two dental practices in Sarasota, Florida, DCA now consists of over 400 allied practices across six divisions. In 2022, DCA announced the formation a dedicated Adult Specialty Division, to complement its General Dentistry and Orthodontics & Pedodontics Divisions, reflecting the evolution of business, intentional growth, and resulting need for dedicated leadership and support by practice type. DCA’s portfolio of dedicated allied specialty practices has grown to include over 50 standalone specialty and over 70 standalone orthodontic and pediatric locations, reflective of DCA’s strength in supporting specialty focused dentistry.

Over the last 32 years, DCA has consistently evolved and thrived in all market conditions, resulting in its supported practices continuing to outpace industry performance, through focus on patients, their health, and its allies’ ability to provide safe, accessible, high-quality dental services.

Achieving this impressive milestone demonstrates that, as an organization, DCA is focused on growing intentionally and partnering with practices that believe in the same things that we do,” commented Jerry Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer. “Our foundation and everything we do is centered on making our allied practices and dental health care teams much better with DCA than they would be otherwise. I could not be prouder of this organization and our devoted team members, as we continue to grow stronger together.”

In the first half of 2023, DCA continues to focus on supporting allies, unlocking growth, and strengthening its position as one of the largest and most diverse Dental Support Organizations in the country, poising the organization for another year of unprecedented growth.

“2022 was another unprecedented year for DCA affiliations, which we wholeheartedly believe was the result of focused efforts to affiliate with best-in-class doctors and teams,” shared Dave Pegg, DCA’s Chief Growth Officer. “We could not be any prouder of our affiliations which are founded on a shared commitment to clinical excellence, exceptional patient experience, and thoughtful growth. That shared philosophy drives each new affiliation and brings to life our mission, vision, and values. As we celebrate this wonderful milestone, we want to express our sincere respect and gratitude to all of our affiliations in making DCA their partner of choice.”

Dental Care Alliance’s mission is to advance the practice of dentistry by partnering with and supporting dental professionals to create a lifetime of healthy smiles. DCA currently supports over 400 allied practices and more than 900 dentists across 22 states. DCA’s allied practices represent all dental specialties and treat patients under more than 150 brand names.