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Emerging Dental Group Spotlight

Oral healthcare is an essential part of overall health, yet many people face barriers to accessing high-quality dental care. Unfortunately, especially in underserved communities, large population portions do not have access to the best dentists and oral healthcare providers. That’s where Open Door Dental comes in.

Open Door Dental is a nationally affiliated dental network that is revolutionizing the way dental care is provided across the country. By collaborating with independent practice owners, dental schools, product and service providers, and dental practices in local markets, Open Door Dental is expanding access to high-quality oral healthcare for everyone. They are on a mission to support their communities’ oral health needs and create more smiles.

At the foundation of Open Door Dental is a commitment to accepting all patients. By doing so, Open Door Dental is working diligently with all participating dental teams to optimize dental practices to provide the maximum number of patient appointments, expanding access to oral healthcare. This commitment to expanding access to care is further demonstrated through collaborations with Dental Lifeline Network and the Elgin Children’s Foundation to provide the dental services needed by adults and children in their local communities.

Open Door Dental’s commitment to developing the dental providers of the future is also noteworthy. They have partnered with Lincoln Memorial University as an affiliate practice, working with their faculty to develop comprehensive clinical dentistry and practice management skills in their dental students. In addition, they work with dental schools to identify the best applicants and provide more repetitions, both in simulation and in dental outreach programs for dental students. These programs aim to raise future dental professionals that are equipped to enter into communities across the United States, and especially into lower-income communities that currently face a lack of quality dental care service options. Open Door Dental is dedicated to changing the way that communities receive dental care, one provider at a time.

For those looking to further their education and skill development in the dentistry profession, Open Door Dental provides an annual, non-accredited, private residency taught by leading Key Opinion Leaders in North America. They offer ten areas of specialized learning, incorporated into dental practices in multiple locations, with learning delivered via online learning, patientless simulation, and patients. Their “learn and earn” model promotes ongoing compliance learning and skill development that leads to pay increases and promotions.

Open Door Dental also offers low-cost/high-value advisory insights and outcomes through the operational model provided by Open Door Dental Management Services. These services focus on increasing collections, EBITDA, and practice exit value, making them an ideal partner for independent dental practices. They can also partner with local practice owners who want to sell their practice by acquiring the dental practice and relieving the previous owner of the day-to-day management tasks, allowing them to focus on dentistry while continuing to optimize the dental practice and expand access to high-quality dental care.

In addition to their collaborations with dental schools and service providers, Open Door Dental also partners with many dental product providers to maximize culture, quality, growth, and savings. They provide all clinical, clerical, and education services to independently owned practices and are included in all partner practices. These services are proven to optimize and achieve the full potential of the dental practice, ensuring that patients receive high-quality dental care while independent practices thrive.

Open Door Dental is removing the organizational silos of the dental industry to create a network of high-quality partners focused on developing the dental providers of the future. Their commitment to expanding access to care, developing comprehensive clinical dentistry and practice management skills in dental students, and partnering with independent dental practices to provide low-cost/high-value advisory insights and outcomes, sets them apart as a leader in the industry.

Open Door Dental is an innovative dental network that is improving and expanding access to high-quality oral healthcare for all patients. Their collaborations with dental schools, service providers, and independent practices, as well as their commitment to developing the dental providers of the future, make them a valuable partner in the dental industry. Whether you are a dental student looking to further your education and skill development or an independent practice owner looking to optimize your practice, Open Door Dental can help you achieve your goals while ensuring that patients receive the best possible dental care they deserve.

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