Why Your Group Should Offer a Membership Plan During Open Enrollment

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‘Tis the season…open enrollment season. It’s the one time of year when patients with dental insurance enroll or make changes to their coverage. It’s also the time of year when your uninsured patients think about coverage and consider signing up for insurance or discount plans. Both of these situations offer an opportunity to your group.

Insured Patients Pay Too Much for Poor Coverage
Many insured patients participate in expensive, complicated insurance plans with poor benefits. They often don’t understand the cost of insurance since it’s buried in their paycheck deductions. They also don’t know the limitations of dental insurance since the agreements are long and complicated. To make matters worse, premiums are going up and many businesses are cutting back on dental insurance subsidies, so dental insurance will be more expensive for employees in 2023. Now is the perfect time to ask insured patients about their coverage, make sure they understand the cost and limitations, and offer them a membership plan that is more affordable than insurance and removes restrictions like deductibles, waiting periods, annual limits, and claims denials.

Uninsured Patients Want Coverage
Many uninsured patients want coverage and will look at dental insurance plans at the end of the year. However, most do not sign up due to the cost, complexity, and restrictions that come with insurance. They don’t trust insurance and feel that the price they pay will be higher than the benefits they receive. However, these patients still want coverage and, based on our research, are interested in a simple, transparent, affordable coverage that they can trust. Now is the perfect time to offer them a membership plan that provides affordable access to the care they want and need with terms that are simple and transparent.

A Membership Plan is Better for Your Patients and Your Practice.
A membership plan creates a mutually beneficial relationship between your practice and your patients. Your patients get access to affordable care while your practice gets loyal patients that visit more often and accept more care. And no one deals with unnecessary hassles or costs.

Improve Patient Access to Care
Uninsured patients do not have a good way of determining what they should pay for care and are uncomfortable negotiating fees. In short, they feel exposed. As a result, they avoid visits and turn down treatment. Membership plans remove cost barriers to care and give your uninsured patients the coverage they want, bringing them closer to your practice. The affordable subscription provides a budget-friendly way for patients to pay for preventive care and the savings on treatment makes it easier to accept additional care. In fact, membership plan patients visit 100% more often and accept 145% more care than uninsured patients. For more details see the Kleer Gets Results white paper.

Increase Practice Production and Collections
Since membership plans include preventive care, membership plan patients consistently complete their hygiene reappointments. This is critical to production and collections because 75% of restorative and cosmetic treatment originates in hygiene. The combination of more hygiene appointments and the savings provided within the membership plan has a dramatic effect on practice production and collections. In fact, membership plan patients generate 172% more production and 182% more collections than uncovered patients. For more details, see the Kleer Gets Results white paper.

Kleer is Built for Group Practice Success
Whether you have 5 practices or 500, Kleer’s powerful, cloud-based platform makes designing, managing, and growing a membership plan easy. Group and DSO leaders choose Kleer for its unique set of features. Kleer supports local customization based on practice economics and patient demographics, consolidated reporting at a regional and group level, real-time payment processing, automated renewals and notifications, care plan version control, and many other features critical to group practice success. Partnering with Kleer will keep your membership plan running optimally as you grow.

Introducing Kleer Intelligence™
Kleer’s platform now extends far beyond what a traditional membership platform can do. Kleer recently announced the release of Kleer Intelligence, a powerful PMS integration solution that utilizes proprietary algorithms to enable unprecedented membership plan automation, growth, and performance. Now teams can optimize membership plan results with little to no manual effort.

Now is the Time
During open enrollment, more than ever, patients are reviewing their dental coverage options and determining their plan for 2023. That’s why there has never been a better time to implement a dental membership plan. A membership plan gives your patients access to affordable care while increasing practice production and collections. Kleer is designed to best support group practices offering features that automate membership plan management and maximize results. If you’re ready to take your group or DSO to the next level, open enrollment season is the perfect time to pursue it.

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