Zirc’s Top 5 Best Sellers

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Is your favorite Zirc product listed?


Easily in first place is the Crystal HD Mirror. Working with quality instruments results in producing quality work. Dentistry requires skill and precision not only with your hands, but also your eyes. The brightness and clarity of this instrument is an important asset to all clinicians. Crystal HD Mirrors are 40% brighter than standard rhodium and provide 97% true color reflectiveness across the entire color spectrum. Vision is life. High-definition technology reduces eye fatigue and helps your ergonomics. With a variety of styles and lens sizes to choose from, you should ditch your old rhodium mirror for a Crystal HD to see the difference with your own eyes!


Welcome to Mr. Thirsty One-Step. Working alone is no joke and this device helps clinicians juggle the many tasks at hand all while providing an elevated patient experience. This all-in-one system effectively retracts, isolates, and evacuates while keeping the airway free from fluid and debris. The built-in bite block allows your patient to rest comfortably during their appointment. Mr. Thirsty comes pre-assembled and attaches directly to your existing HVE valve. As a single-use device, Zirc has eliminated the need for lengthy post-procedure reprocessing. The wide chamber design yields superior suction with both front and back evacuation that can be trimmed to provide a custom fit for your patient’s oral cavity. Zirc has your back-and an extra hand with Mr. Thirsty One-Step! With many teams still working short-staffed, this device can be an asset to helping you independently perform procedures effectively and efficiently.


Every clinician who has ever placed a traditional rubber dam knows what a pain it is to get the dam material punched, placed correctly on the frame, and then pray it doesn’t rip. Zirc designed the Insti-Dam so you could throw those fears out the window. Teams love that there are two styles to choose from. The blue original Insti-Dam that’s ideal for anterior isolation, or the purple relaxed-fit for working in the posterior. They both come pre-assembled on a flexible frame with a pre-punched hole making positioning easy and helps eliminate tearing. The compact design fits outside the patients’ lips making it much more comfortable for the patient. But wait, the best feature is that you don’t have to remove the dam to take mid-procedure x-rays! That alone helps make using Zirc’s Insti-Dam 50% faster than the historic traditional contraption.


Pink Petal was created by a hygienist for hands-free isolation. Slide Pink Petal on any saliva ejector, bend like a candy cane, and tuck in the patient’s cheek. The soft material still allows patients to tap closed and remain comfortable during their re-care visit. With continuous suction to control pooling water and free up a hand, Pink Petal is the #4 most loved Zirc product.


Disorganization affects everyone in the practice. Teams are turning to a better more efficient tomorrow by utilizing Zirc’s Color-Method products. Implementing instrument management is a breeze with products like Zirc’s E-Z Jett cassettes. It allows dental teams to practice safer by reducing the handling of instrumentation, prolongs the lifespan of the instruments, and saves an enormous amount of time with reprocessing instruments. These economically priced options are winning the hearts of team members and putting less of a burden on the practices overhead. Instill confidence in your team members knowing they will have all the right tools needed for any given procedure secured in their color-coded resin cassettes. Teams are pairing their cassettes with Zirc’s matching B-lok trays, and our exclusive Safe-Lok tray covers. Increase your efficiency by pre-setting trays and meet your OSHA compliancy by providing safe transportation back to central sterilization.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to set some new clinical standards, let Zirc be your guide to understanding the impact these top 5 products can make. Finish the year stronger than you started by partnering with a manufacturer whose goal is to make dental teams safer, happier, and more efficient.



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